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Install our live chat software and you will never look back

Our live chat software is a game changer in terms of how your visitors act once they are on your website and how you proactively promote your business in front of them. Your website suddenly becomes interactive. Although it cannot completely turn into an actual brick and mortar store, the feeling is more or less the same.

When people come to your website, using your live chat software you can greet them. You can wait for a while, let them roam around and get a feeling of how things are on your website and then politely approach them with a small pop-up that you can create with our live chat software application. Just like as it happens in the blood and flesh world you can observe your visitors. You can see which pages they are visiting, which pages they have already visited and how much time they have spent on individual pages. This way you will know what sort of information they are looking for and if they haven't been able to find this information on the pages, what's amiss, and then accordingly you can strike up a conversation with them.

live chat software

Live chat software that opens up floodgates of opportunities for you

With our live chat software installed on your website you no longer remain passive. You don't have to "wait" for people to buy from you. You can encourage them to buy from you by constantly engaging them. You can strike up conversations with them. You can allay their doubts and apprehensions. You can ask them at strategic points whether they need your help. In case they approach you, you can immediately respond. Everything happens in real-time. When people deal with you, they get a feel of the real.

Do you know it's quite easy to get people to buy from you when you have the best live chat software installed on your website? This is because of the improved perception. When surveyed, 82% visitors have expressed a positive outlook for a website that has a top live chat software running. Since they already have a positive perception of your website, they will be more inclined towards doing business with you rather than a company that does not have live chat software website installed.

Further, studies have revealed that people are four times more likely to make a purchase from a website that has top live chat software compared to websites that don't.

It means by the time you begin to have a conversation with them; they already trust you, directly or indirectly. It becomes easier for you to convince them into turning into your customers. If you make some suggestions, they will pay heed. If you make a new offer, they will be more accepting. Just imagine what wonders you can work on your bottom line by installing our live chat software UK.

Automatic engagement with the best live chat software

As the number of visitors on your website increases, it won't be humanly possible for you to track every visitor. This is where the automatic features of our live chat software website are going to prove a big asset. People need to be engaged at strategic points. For example, if you don't want to approach people as soon as they enter your website, you can wait for a while, maybe 10 seconds, or 15 seconds. Besides, not everybody wants to engage with you unless prompted. You will be surprised to know how many people accept your chat invitation when an automatically triggered pop-up is presented to them inviting them to have a chat with you regarding products and services you offer on your website.

Another way of optimising automatic engagement is prompting people to have a talk with you when they are in a particular section. Suppose there is a "Premium Products" section on your website and people need a bit of convincing before they buy from you. So when people enter this premium section, the live chat invitation pop-up can be triggered using our software automatically and if a person responds you can have a talk with him or her.

Now is the right time to install live chat software UK on your website

There is no sense in delaying installing the best live chat software on your website especially when our 21-day trial version is free of cost and you don't require much technical know-how in order to derive maximum benefit out of our live chat application. There is no financial commitment and there is going to be no major change in the way your website currently looks. All you have to do is, after you have completed the sign up, is to insert the small JavaScript code snippet somewhere in the template source code of your website and download the software. That's it. Live chat software UK will be running in no time.

live chat software

live chat software

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