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Live chat software compare the different packages that we have on our website

Looking for a live chat comparison that will help you decide which one would be the best package for your particular business need? On this page we are going to compare the various live chat software packages that we offer to businesses, organisations, institutions and government agencies according to their sizes and requirements. After you have gone through our live chat comparison details you will have a clear picture in your mind exactly what you want. But before that you must also have a clear idea of what you need. Yes, the more expensive package you buy the better it is for us, but we want for you what is best for you not what is "better" for us. This is why we are taking pains to compare the various live chat software packages that we have listed on our website in as detailed a manner as possible, without bogging you down of course.

Live chat software compare

Why it makes sense to compare live chat software packages before buying the right one for you

Frankly, no matter what sort of package you purchase, eventually it depends on how you use it. For example, you can drive a multi-million-pound business with the Lite version, and you may not even be able to generate a single sale with the Enterprise version. Features and capabilities mean nothing unless you use a tool with your own acumen to promote your business. Nonetheless, comparison definitely helps. It encourages you to go through individual features listed in various packages. Sometimes, merely going through these individual features gives you a deep insight into what your business really needs.

For example, even if you are running a mid-sized business, perhaps you don't have different departments to handle different activities of your business. Why not have different departments now? This is just an example of what can happen if you go through the live chat software compare section of our website.

Quick live chat comparison of our different packages

Basically we have 3 live chat software packages to compare, namely Lite, Professional and Enterprise. These web chat software packages have been designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and requirements. Over the years we have come to understand the needs of different businesses and we have designed our web chat software packages accordingly. We know what a small business may need. We also have a grasp of what a mid-sized business may require. In terms of engaging thousands of visitors and customers, we also know the communication needs of a big business. This is why different packages have different features and capabilities. But in terms of live chat software comparison, all the packages are great communication tools and they help you engage your visitors and customers effectively.

The best way to get a birds eye view of how to compare our various packages is to see our comparison table presented on this link. It gives you a tabular presentation of what features are present and missing according to the website chat software package that you choose.

A glimpse of how different live chat software packages compare against each other

In terms of live chat software comparison, the Lite package gives you unlimited chats and advanced security (because there should be no compromise on security no matter what website chat software package you choose for your business). Professional and Enterprise packages give you customisation, automated invites, co-browsing, visitor tracking and geocoding, chat routing, complete support and unlimited departments. The Enterprise version has all the features that come with the Professional version, but along with that there is also third-party integration (in case you would like to use your existing CRM application in sync with the live chat from Click4Assistance), VMS including Conversions and Financing and advanced reporting.

The Lite version costs £6.95 per month, the Professional version costs £24.95 per month and the Enterprise version costs £59.95 per month.

Were you able to do a live chat comparison on our different packages? Now it's time to install and supercharge your sales

The packages live chat comparison on our pricing page must have given you a fair idea of the potential of our live chat software. The best part is, you can download the 21-day trial version that gives you all the features and benefits that come with the Enterprise version of our live chat software. Just register on our website and download the software now.

Live chat software compare

Live chat software compare

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