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Live chat software should be available to every business and this is our firm belief at Click4assistance. We have different packages for different businesses so that no matter what is the size of your business, you can easily compare one package with another and then select the best package for your business. What would be the best package for your business?

Once you start using a software application, live chat in this case, a big area that you compare is the feature-list. One mistake many businesses commit is that they go for the maximum number of features. It so happens that 60% of the features that you get with a software package you may never even use and this is also true in the case of live chat software. Nonetheless, we want you to have the flexibility of choosing the package that compares the best with your preferences.

Live Chat Software Compare

Live chat solution package for small businesses

For small businesses we have our Lite package. It comes with all the necessary features that are needed by a small business. We don’t want to overwhelm you with the features that you don’t need. For example, as a small business there is a great possibility that you won’t have multiple departments so there is no need to have such a feature in your online chat service package (consequently, it isn’t there). Since you may also not have multiple support providers, there is no chat routing facility in the Lite package. Here, we’re not making a list of features that you don’t have, we are just trying to explain to you that our Lite package is optimally designed for a small business.

When we begin to compare, the most popular feature of our live chat for websites packages is the ability to have an unlimited number of chats simultaneously. This is why this feature is available in every package (hence it is also available in the Lite package). What does the ability to have an unlimited number of chats mean? Normally what happens is, when someone calls you or when someone writes you an email, you can handle just one query at a time. You cannot be talking to multiple people at the same time on the phone. You cannot be writing multiple email replies at the same time. But you can be having multiple chats at the same time because you can open up different windows and carry on talking to people.The Lite package costs you £ 6.95 per month.

Live chat software package for small and medium-sized businesses

The Professional package is our most popular package. It comes with all the necessary features that you require in order to run a full-blown online chat service. Compared to Lite and Enterprise packages, the Professional package is our most recommended live chat for websites package. It costs just £ 24.95 per month.

The Professional package allows you to create unlimited departments and it also allows chat routing. “Chat routing” means the ability to redirect the ongoing chat to another chat agent in case the present chat agent needs to leave or is unavailable.

The Professional live chat solution package can be fully customised according to the look and feel of your website. Would you like to send automatic chat invitations? You can automate these tasks if you would like to initiate chat conversations at only particular junctures.

Co-browsing is also an excellent feature in our Professional package. It allows you to take control over the browsing of your visitor or customer so that you can help him or her go through the appropriate sections on your website.

Live chat solution package for large enterprises and institutions

If yours is a large enterprise, a hospital, an institution or a government department, then you need our Enterprise package. The Enterprise package comes with all the features that come in the Lite and the Professional package but additionally it also comes with third-party integration and advanced reporting. Third-party integration allows you to use our live chat solution with your legacy CRM, inventory and social networking software applications.This one costs you £ 59.95 per month.

Compare the best live chat software packages and download the best that suits your needs

Now that you have compared all our packages it’s time to download the best package that suits your business needs. In fact, you can download our 21-day trial version that comes with the Enterprise features. You will be able to check out all our features and even use those features to take your business to the next level. You will be able to engage your visitors and customers and increase your sales even using our free version. No financial commitment. There is no need to submit your credit card details. Simply register, download the software and upload the script to your website.

Live Chat Software Compare

Live Chat Software Compare

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