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Live chat software comparison on our website

At Click4Assistance we offer different versions of our live chat software and on this page we are going to lay out the basic comparison between them. Each version of our live chat software on our website is designed to give you maximum benefit. The absence or presence of features is not to restrain you; in fact they help you make the maximum use of our live chat software. The comparison is just to give you a clear idea of what benefits you derive out of our packages that come with more features and greater flexibility. We hope this comparison will provide you the clarity you need in order to choose the right live chat software for your business.

live chat software comparison

Live chat software comparison – 21-day free trial

Understandably this is the most popular version of live chat software on our website compared to other versions. Most people opt for this when they are not ready to make a financial commitment but want to know what difference installing live chat application on the website can make. We offer them a 21-day free trial with full confidence that once they start using it, if they are serious about increasing their sales and providing professional customer support through their website, they will be hooked to our live chat software. So go ahead, download our trial version and start using it now. It is free version but you will be making lots of money off it. It comes with all the Enterprise features (listed below).

Live chat software compare – Lite version

The Lite version is good for small businesses, usually having just one single person operating the business or taking care of the support calls. It costs you £6.95 every month. It comes with advanced 256-bit encryption security so you can feel totally safe changing confidential information with your customers, clients, patients, students and volunteers. You can have unlimited chats. This means at the same time you can provide support to unlimited number of people. You can use it out-of-the-box. Email support is available with the Lite version of our live chat application. Basic reporting is available with this version.

Live chat software comparison – Professional version

Among the premium versions, the Professional version of our live chat software, compared to other versions, is the most popular. It can be used by small to mid-range businesses. Right now a special offer is going on and you can avail our Professional online chat service version for just £24.95 per month (for the entire life of your subscription). Additional licenses can be bought for just £14.95 per month. The package comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited chats
  • Advanced security using 256-bit encryption
  • Email, chat and telephone support included
  • You can create unlimited departments
  • Chat routing is available (the ongoing chat can be redirected to another person in case the current person handling the chat cannot solve the problem isn't available)
  • Customisation
  • Automated invites
  • Co-browsing (you can take control of the other person's browser why your chat window)
  • Visitor tracking & geocoding
  • Enhanced reporting

Features like third-party integration and conversions and forensics are not available in this version.

Live chat software compare– Enterprise version

This is for big organisations and large enterprises. Many government departments, big businesses, voluntary organisations, schools and colleges are using the Enterprise version of our online chat service. You can fully customise it and you can avail advanced reporting features along with intricate integration with your existing CRM software. It costs you £59.95 per month. All the features of the Professional version of our live chat software comparison chart are available in the Enterprise version. Additionally, as already mentioned above, VMS including Conversions and Forensics as well as third-party integration is available. Along with that, the most advanced reporting features come with our Enterprise version.

Once you have compared the various versions of our live chat software, which one should you choose?

As the chart explains on our website, your choice should depend on the size of your business and the benefits that you aim to derive from our live chat software comparison vis-a-vis your business is important. Does your business have multiple departments? If not, why go for a version that offers you the ability to create unlimited departments? Do you have multiple people handling your support? Then you will require chat routing. You need to customise your live chat software for branding needs? Then you need to go for our Professional version. Go through the live chat comparison chart carefully, make a list of features that your business requires and then make your choice accordingly.

Live Chat Software Comparison

live chat software comparison

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