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Live chat software download the easiest way

At Click4Assistance we have made our live chat software download an extremely easy affair. Our 21-day trial version is totally free. It comes with premium features so you can have a complete feel of the power of our online chat software. You just need to download it and then set it up under your own website domain. Once you are through with that, you can immediately start using our online chat software to engage your visitors and provide support to your existing customers and clients.

Live chat software download

Why download our live chat software?

You will experience an immediate jump in your sales if you download our live chat software and then set it up under your website.

What affects your sales?

No matter how much traffic you can get to your website, the studies have revealed that 60% people are going to leave your shopping cart. Yes, a small portion of your website traffic eventually reaches your shopping cart and even there, 60% people leave it midway. There might be many reasons why people are leaving your shopping cart and some of the main reasons might be distraction, loss of interest, the element of surprise, confusion regarding how to proceed and not knowing how to make credit card payments, just to name a few. All these problems can be taken care of by providing support using web live chat software.

The main reason why you would download our chat program would be to provide timely assistance to people who are actually interested in doing business with you. We provide all the needed tools to make conversations with your visitors and existing customers as effective as possible. We know that interface matters a lot. We know that information organisation, retrieval and the safety of the data is of great importance. And people who understand their sales funnel completely know why they should download our web live chat software.

What do you do once you download our online chat software?

When you download our live chat software, you download our lightweight desktop application; this is where the configuration of your account happens and where operators log in to be able to handle chats with your customers. The setup procedure is extremely easy. Every step is self-explanatory. There is nothing you won't understand. The entire chat program can be used out-of-the-box in case you don't need much customisation and integration. Even if you need some level of customisation you can contact our development team and call upon their professional services.

So are you ready to download our live chat software?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, there is practically nothing to stop you from downloading our live chat solution. You don't need to pay for the trial version. You can use all the premium features of our Enterprise package. You can increase your sales manifold using our free version. There is a chance that when you download our live chat solution, it will pay for itself many times over even as yet you haven't paid for it. This is the beauty of our chat program. Go ahead, download it now and change your business forever.

Live chat software download

Live chat software download

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