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Live chat software download to supercharge your bottom line

You wish to download a free copy of live chat software to try it out thoroughly before you can make a financial as well as business commitment? Here is a great chance for you. We at Click4Assistance offer a 21-day trial of our famous live chat software that you can easily download from our website after registering for free. All you have to do is submit your valid details; download the live chat software files your computer. Once you have downloaded the software, you need to upload the script onto your website. There is a step-by-step procedure that you need to follow. By the end of the procedure you will be ready to use live chat software for business in order to interact with your visitors in real-time.

Live chat software download

Why download live chat software from Click4Assistance

There are many compelling reasons you would like to download live chat software from Click4Assistance. It is one of the most advanced and fully-loaded live chat software UK applications available on the Internet. Whatever you need to run a successful online business by engaging your visitors on an ongoing basis, you have got it in our live chat software. The ability to chat is just one aspect (although the most important aspect). The intelligence that you gather while continuously interacting with your visitors is invaluable. Also is the timeliness. These attributes are copiously available in our live chat software.

The intelligence originates from your ability to analyse the movements of people when they come to your website. Whenever someone logs onto your website, you can start monitoring his or her movements. This way you will know just the right moment to start a conversation.

As your traffic increases it won’t be possible for you to track each and every visitor on your own. You can either employ more people to do the job or you can set up automatic triggers. With automatic triggers at particular junctures people will be invited to have a chat conversation with you. The ones who accept the invitation will be able to talk to you and you will be able to convince them into buying from your website. The automatic triggers can be based on people visiting a particular section on your website, reaching a particular stage in your shopping cart checkout funnel or simply having spent a particular amount of time on your website. You can use embedded as well as pop-up windows to invite people to have a chat conversation with you.

After every chat session chat transcript is emailed to all the participants. Our live chat support allows you to access previous transcripts if the same person comes to your website to chat to you to find out how long it takes to solve a particular problem.

Download our live chat software for its analytical abilities

Intelligence is one of the greatest strengths of our live chat software for business once you have downloaded it and then installed it onto your server. As mentioned above, you can track every movement of the person who has just logged on to your website. Aside from this our analytics tool will also tell you the geographic location of the person, the language he or she speaks and the business or company he or she represents. The referral URL also becomes visible to you so that you know which website the person was visiting prior to coming to your website.

Want to build a loyal customer base? Download our live chat software now

Although you will have a tremendous advantage over your competitors once you install the live chat software download from Click4Assistance, if you’re delaying, your competitors are already gaining an advantage over you if they are in the process of downloading and installing some sort of live chat support (doesn’t matter from where they download it). If they have done so, they are already utilising its multifarious features are not just engaging visitors and customers, but also promptly solving their problems and earning their loyalty. So wait no longer. Log on to our website and download our live chat software UK now.

Live chat software download

Live chat software download

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