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Live chat software for business websites and blogs

Live chat software works for business websites as well as blogs these days. In fact, chatting has become so mainstream and prevalent that every website, whether it is a business website or a blog or a social networking website for that matter, has a chatting facility. Facebook recently launched a standalone messenger application that allows people to live chat with each other without even having to install the main Facebook application. People are becoming used to chatting. More text messages are being sent than calls being made. This is why business websites and blogs are adopting live chat software for their online presence in droves.

live chat software

Fundamentally, what do you need live chat software for?

More than 82% people have a positive perception of a website that has live chat software installed, for whatever purpose (unless it is clear in the minds of the managers of the website). Why is it so? Why do people have a positive perception for a business website that has live chat software installed? Why do people visit blogs that have live chat software, more? The reason, is active engagement.

This is why when Click4Assistance offers live chat for business websites and blogs our primary focus is to facilitate seamless engagement. This is achieved by providing you a secure environment so that you can share confidential information with your visitors and customers. The interface is designed in such a manner that practically everything works intuitively. When you obtain live chat software for website or blog from Click4Assistance, you can rest assured that the support is going to be as good as it gets (by default actually, we being a live chat software provider ourselves).

You need live chat software for many reasons, including:

  • Helping your visitors better understand your product or service
  • Providing help when people are unable to purchase from your website on their own
  • Responding to people's queries and questions in case they are facing some problem either on your website or after they have purchased your product or service
  • Chatting with your visitors and customers in real-time
  • Getting a better grasp of how people scour through various sections on your website
  • Having a clear idea of what people want using our web analytics tool
  • Selling more from your website
  • Improving your conversion rate as well as SEO

Yes, for these as well as many more reasons you would like to install live chat software on your business website as well as on your blog.

Looking for live chat software for your business website or blog?

Then you are at the right place. We have been providing live chat software for business websites and blogs for many years now. Our long list of clients includes small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, educational institutions, health care centres and government departments. Our live chat software for government is especially trusted due to our security and knowledge of the industry. Our live chat software has been specifically designed for optimal performance under taxing conditions. Expecting a deluge of phone calls or emails for support and help? You will be better off with our live chat software that is specifically designed for such situations. You can open unlimited windows and chat with an unlimited number of people at the same time. This way your telephone network won't be clogged, you won't have to put people on hold and you won't have to make them wait for your email response. You will be able to respond to their queries immediately. Even if you have a limited staff, since people can chat in multiple windows at the same time, it will be like a big workforce attending to people's queries without increasing your workforce.

How to get live chat software for free for your business website or blog

By downloading the 21-day trial version of our live chat software for blogs and business websites. Yes, it comes with the premium features so you get to use the main power of our live chat software without having to pay a single dime. Just register on our website, download the software and just in a few minutes you will be able to use our live chat software for your website or blog, for free.

live chat software

live chat software

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