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Live chat software for superb website conversion rate

Our live chat software for websites can help improve your sites conversion rate almost immediately and in fact you will see the results so fast that initially it would be difficult for you to even believe. This is no magic. The only difference, a very big difference, is that you begin to engage the people who come to your website and begin to keep them on your website for a longer duration by striking up meaningful conversations with them.

Surfing a website can be a lonely affair. In most of the cases, when people come to your website, they are either in a highly distracted state, or they are a bit confused and unsure. Even when they need the product that you are selling, there are so many offers available on the Internet that it becomes difficult for them to make up their minds. Add to that zillions of distractions like instant messaging, social networking updates and audio-visual cues, making a purchase is often consigned to the back burner or simply forgotten. The worst part is, the next time they want to buy the same product and when they are mentally ready to finally purchase it, they may not even remember your website and end up buying it from one of your competitors. Our live chat software website can help you keep people on your site. It can help you practice your salesmanship and improve your conversion rate in the process.

Live Chat Software For Website

Live chat software for website that is extremely easy to install

Our live chat software is completely developed in PHP and it can be easily installed on your website with little fuss. You need to download the live chat system from our website. You can straightaway upload the script to your website and the program begins to run – of course you will need to complete the initial setup that creates your account but other than that, there is no additional complication. In fact most of our online sales chat packages can be run out-of-the-box if you aren’t much bothered about customisation and integration.

Live chat system that immediately enlivens your website

Provided you have some traffic on your website, you can enliven your website immediately after you have installed our live chat software. In most of the cases, it is just a matter of engaging your visitors. They will not just stay longer on your website they will also buy more from you. As mentioned above, surfing a website can be a lonely affair. No matter how many animations and sounds you put on your website, ultimately it is a human connection that is missed the most. In brick and mortar stores and shops, one is immediately greeted. This is not the case when people come to your website in the absence of a proper live chat system. But once you have live chat software for websites, people can be warmly greeted as soon as they come to your website. In fact you can have some attractively designed chat invitation box (the sky is the limit when it comes to imagination) that pops up when people come to your website. Many will be delighted. If you don’t want to greet people the moment they come to your website, you can wait for a few seconds. If you don’t want to trigger automatic invitations based on time, you can also set up automatic notifications when people are browsing particular pages on your website. The choice is completely yours.

You can install live chat software for websites right now

Ready to install live chat software for website? Once you are on Click4assistance, there is practically nothing to stop you. You don’t even have to spend money. Just register for free on our website and download the solution from our live chat software website link. Within a few minutes you will have one of the world’s best online sales chat running on your website.

Live Chat Software For Website

Live Chat Software For Website

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