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The best way to install live chat software on your website

Click4Assistance offers a 21-day trial of its most famous live chat software that you can easily install on your website. It hardly takes a few minutes to download the software from our website and then upload it onto your website. The trial version is packed with all the features you may ever require to experience the full power of an all-encompassing live chat software right from striking up a conversation with one of your visitors or customers and creating the most complex reports on so for what has been the performance of your individual chat agents. You will also be able to integrate our live chat software with the existing applications on your website so that all the applications can exchange data and maximise your analytical capabilities.

Live Chat Software Website

Why it makes sense to install live chat software on your website

If people come in hordes to your website, then they also leave your website in hordes, unless you have got a system to capture their attention and keep them on your website. The best way to keep them on your website for the longest duration is by engaging them using live chat software for websites. It’s direct human interaction. There are numerous reasons why people leave your website without doing business with you even when initially they had intended to buy one of your products. Sometimes they get distracted. Sometimes they don’t find the information they are looking for in order to make a decision in your favour. Sometimes they believe in the get confused. Sometimes they develop doubts exactly when they were about to click the checkout button.

Sometimes they don’t even know how to carry out credit card transactions (especially when they are trying to buy for the first time). The reasons can be unlimited. Chat solutions for websites plays a crucial role in the sense that it allows you to interfere at the right time – just when people are about to leave your website. And not just that. The moment they enter your website, using our inbuilt web analytics tool, you can observe their movements. Our analytics interface will tell you through which page they enter your website, which all pages they have visited, how much time they have spent on individual pages and on what page they are currently while having a conversation with you.

Most of the visitors expect to see live chat software installed on your website

Various surveys have consistently proven time and again that more than 82% people have a positive perception of the website if it prominently displays an icon that says that live chat support software has been installed. A web live chat software icon on the website means you are immediately accessible (provided that the icon is “online”). People these days prefer to get an immediate response rather than having to call you or having to write you in case they are facing a problem with your product or service. Nobody has enough patience these days to be put on hold or to be made to wait for your email response. People are used to sending text messages and hearing from each other with minimum time lag and the same sort of experience they want to have when they are intending to do business on your website. It also shows you are proactive towards solving their problems.

Take the reins in your own hands by installing web live chat software on your website

Once you have installed live chat software on your website you no longer solely depend on the elements of your website. Even if you have gotten the world’s greatest website for your business, it can never substitute one-on-one human interaction which you can provide using our live chat software for websites. When someone has spent some time on your website, you can politely invite the person to have a chat with you. You can also observe people as soon as they enter your website with an invite to have a conversation with you. In particular sections on your website people often face problems, especially when trying to buy something. This is a stage when you can interfere and nip problems and confusions in the bud.

Download live chat support software and install it on your website now

As we have mentioned in the first paragraph, installing chat solutions for websites from us is totally free for the first 21 days. There is no financial commitment. There is no need to enter your credit card and we won’t start charging you automatically after 21 days. Even when you have used our software and even if you have been able to increase your sales in those 21 days, it’s only up to you whether you want to install our live chat support software on your website or not. No questions asked. Just log on to our website, register for free, and download the web live chat software.

Live Chat Software Website

Live Chat Software Website

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