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Since you are at this page we assume that you need to provide live chat support from your website and you are weighing various options. This is good! The more you research the better decision you can make. But the problem is, sometimes too much research leads to indecision and finally you are totally confused. So if you're on this page and you want to install live chat support on your website, you are at the right place at the right time.

live chat support

Why your website needs live chat support

Not having live chat support on your website is like what it used to be like not having a telephone in your office. The moment people want to reach out to you they start looking for the chat icon. Everybody is used to chatting these days. It's not just convenient, it's also in real-time. People don't have to wait for your response. If they call you there is a chance that they will be put on hold. If they email you, there is a chance that they are going to have to wait for a couple of days (many websites give you a minimum 72-hour response window). Website chat software on the other hand provides support immediately. It's like, someone has an issue, comes to your website, clicks the chat icon, initiates a chat, talks to you, and has the issue resolved within a few minutes. The customer is happy. You are satisfied.

Another reason why your website must have live chat support is its ability to handle an unlimited number of conversations at the same time and this is a facility that is not available on telephone and email. When you are taking telephone support calls you can handle one call at a time. If you have multiple employees, each employee can handle one call at a time. So if you have 5 members in your support staff team, at a particular time they can handle 5 calls or 5 email replies.

But with our live chat support software, you can have unlimited number of windows in front of you. This means you are not confined to interacting with just one customer at a time. You can have conversations with multiple customers and resolve multiple issues at a time.

Provide speedy and accurate live chat support with canned responses

As mentioned above you can have conversations with an unlimited number of people using our live chat support software. Creating canned responses can further increase your speed and accuracy. These are standard answers to standard questions. After a while most of the questions that come from people will be repetitive in nature. You would have already provided answers to these questions multiple times. So why not create canned responses and save them in your live chat support database or as URLs? This way there is no chance of an error and you can immediately provide the answer even if it involves intricate and multiple instructions.

Live chat support across multiple devices

Long gone are the days when people used just computers and laptops to take care of their businesses. In fact there are many e-commerce outlets that are doing business just via mobile apps. Our chat support software can be run and managed from mobile phones and tablets aside from computers and laptops. All you need is a decent Internet connection. All the major features are available to you within a few taps. There is nothing you cannot do in the mobile version of our chat support software that you can do on your computer or laptop.

Would you like to get our live chat support app?

There is nothing to stop you. In fact we are so sure of how great our product is that we offer a 21-day trial version totally free of cost. Just log onto our website, register for free and then download the software. The website chat software script with be sent to you, which can be simply copied and pasted straight into your website. That's it. The features that we offer in our live chat support for website Enterprise package are present in our trial version.

Live Chat Support

live chat support

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