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The best live chat support for websites

Live chat support for websites means being there for your visitors and customers when they need you. It's very easy to move to different websites on the Internet – every website is just a couple of clicks away. So people don't even think twice before leaving your website but live chat support for website can stop them from going to a great extent. A persistent problem with different businesses is that they are not there when people actually need them. They are very aggressive and proactive when it comes to asking people to buy from them, but when it comes to providing speedy support, either they don't have the resources or they don't have the inclination. Although we cannot do anything about the inclination part, if you're looking for a reliable resource, we can give you the best live chat support for websites and initially, totally for free.

Live chat support for website

Live chat is the best way to provide support from your website

Live chat gives people an instant way to connect to you. Unlike telephone and email, people don't expect you to take long before you get back to them. When they initiate a chat window, they expect to see your message within a couple of minutes, if not immediately. In an age when distraction is not an exception but a norm, the best way to respond to people's queries is by providing live chat support from your website and we have got the best live chat support for websites with all the features your business needs. Live chat means approaching people before they leave your website. It's live interaction. For your website, it is the best option because it allows you to approach people before they get distracted and move on to another website.

Live chat support for websites with full blown features

Our live chat support for websites comes with a wide array of features that put you in the driving seat. What's the best way to have a conversation with a person? By knowing as much as possible about the person. The web analytics tool that comes with our live chat support software can easily track the activities when people are on your website. You can actually see which pages they are visiting and how much time they are spending on individual pages. When you initiate a chat conversation with them, you know the current location on your website. The tool also tells you the previous website they were visiting and the keyword they used in case they came to your website from a search engine.

The 256-bit encryption ensures complete safety of your conversations. You can easily share documents and confidential information with people. The encryption technology hides any credit card details just in case your visitor overshares.

60% people leave your shopping cart midway either because there is some confusion or they haven't yet gotten used to making credit card payments. These are the times when you can provide them timely assistance.

You can chat with people in multiple ways. For example, live chat support software doesn't necessarily mean text chatting. You can also have video chats with your visitors and customers in case they want a personal, face-to-face interaction with you. You can also have all your chats with them.

In case of text chat, in the end of the chat the transcript is emailed to both the parties in a complete secure manner.

Get live chat support for your website right now

You can get live chat support for your website right now without much ado. You don't even have to make the payment. Just log onto our website – – register yourself and download the software. If you're using the application for the first time, you get a 21-day trial period during which you can use all the Enterprise features of our chat support software. After the 21 days should you wish to subscribe we have 3 packages making our live support software prices suitable for any business. Increase your sales, get hot leads and engage your visitors to your heart's content. Install our chat support software for your website now

Live chat support for website

Live chat support for website

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