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A live chat system that puts you in the driving seat

You can get a complete control of your website once you have installed our live chat system. Up till now your website business has mostly depended on the way your website has been designed and the sort of traffic it is able to draw from other websites and search engines. Although these factors still play a major role, you can improve the conversion rate of your website manifold by installing our live chat system because then you can practice your salesmanship in real-time rather than on telephone or via email. It no longer remains the case of hits and misses. No longer you have to passively wait for the queries to come in through telephone and email. You can proactively approach people on your website and encourage them to do business with you.

live chat system

Use our live chat system to capture leads when you are not online

Once you have installed the live chat system ideally you need to be online most of the time so that you can immediately respond to your visitors' queries and help your customers in case they are having some problem. Since business on a website happens round-the-clock, it means you have to be there round-the-clock which might not be possible if people aren't working multiple shifts. But there is no problem once you have installed our live chat system because it comes with a powerful form designer that allows you to create responsive contact forms. When you are not online, people will be able to leave their messages using your contact form – your forms can generate hot leads for you 24 x 7.

A live chat system that fully integrates with your current system and becomes a part of your website

You shouldn't have to completely abandon your existing IT infrastructure in order to leverage our online chat service. It can be easily integrated with your existing CRM systems as well as bespoke projects so that you can carry on accessing and using the data you have gathered so far. In case you don't want to hire your own programmer you can closely worked with the development team at Click4Assistance to fully integrate our online chat service with your existing software applications.

Want our online help chat to fully become a part of your website? It can be easily branded according to the look and feel of your website. You can either use your in-house web design team or you can work with our team; our customisation module gives you complete flexibility in terms of integrating logos, showing online and off-line status, the visuals among chat windows and the colour schemes inherent to your basic website template.

Talk using multiple modes with our live chat system

Do your customers and visitors prefer eye to eye contact? Our online help chat comes with a 2-way video facility that allows you to have video chats with your customers and visitors. You can also have voice chat if your business model demands this feature. You can also broadcast 1-way video or audio feed just the way it works in Amazon MayDay. Your ability to chat with your visitors in video mode builds better trust. You only need a microphone and a web cam.

Make more sales by appropriately using our online chat service

You can invite people to have live chat with you the moment they come to your website or you can wait for a few seconds before the live chat widget pops up and our online help chat shows you an alert that it's time to talk to one of your visitors. Time-based automatic notifications can go a long way in enabling you to strike up effective conversations just when they are needed. For example, there is a pattern in which people normally behave before heading to the checkout section. They visit certain pages and you can experiment with our online chat system by approaching people when they are inside that particular funnel. Depending on the response you can set up automatic notifications and make sure that they can complete the checkout process without hassle.

60% shoppers, according to various studies, abandon the shopping cart midway due to various reasons – sometimes they don't know how to make credit card payments, sometimes they develop doubts, sometimes they are distracted, anything can happen during those critical seconds and minutes. This is the time when you need to keep people hooked on to your website so that they complete the purchase without abandoning your shopping cart.

Get the most robust live chat system for your website today

You can install our robust online chat system on your website today itself. You don't need to worry if you don't have a technical team and you don't even need to spend money right now. Our 21-day trial version comes totally free and you get to use all the features that are shipped with our Enterprise version. Register on our website, download the software and you are ready to go within a few minutes. Need more information? Do contact us, preferably using our live chat widget on our website

Live Chat System

live chat system

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