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Live chat tool to provide timely support to your customers

Timeliness is of great importance when it comes to providing support to your customers and the live chat tool that you install on your website can go a long way in achieving that. A live chat tool becomes an integral part of your business communication flow especially when it comes to solving your customers' problems whether they are prospective customers, first-time customers or repeat customers. The faster you solve their problems, the more loyal they become. If you use telephone and email to provide support, no matter how much you try, you can provide support only up till a particular level. But this is not the case with our live chat tool. It is like augmenting your staff with just a single stroke. How is it possible?

Live chat tool

A live chat tool that allows you to have unlimited chats at the same time

A big problem with conventional ways of providing customer support via telephone and email is that everything is linear. At a particular time you can answer just one phone call and you can reply to just one email message. With our live chat tool, since it allows you to open multiple chat windows at the same time, you can talk to practically an unlimited number of people at the same time. It's like the way your computer multitasks. You are not actually talking to multiple people at the same time, it's just that it takes some time for people to respond to what you have written in your chat window and by the time they are responding, you can provide answers to other people.

Besides, you can always use canned responses to speed up your interactions. Sometimes you don't have to provide the complete answer. You can use a canned response or you can use a URL for the right answer. A good thing about using canned responses and pre-existing URLs is that there is no chance of committing a mistake no matter how fast you provide the answer. So, a combination of canned responses and the ability to open up multiple chat windows at the same time enables you to talk to many people at the same time without compromising on quality.

How is our live website chat tool different from other search tools available on the Internet?

Our live chat system is completely scalable, customisable and you can also integrate it with your existing legacy systems. Scalable in the sense that whether you're running a small business operating under just one person or a multinational company spanning across the globe, our live chat system can easily expand and contract accordingly. We have designed our packages in such a manner that you get the best of what the website chat tool as an application has to offer. It helps you grow and as your business grows, you can easily switch to a higher configuration. That's one thing.

Another thing is that we are completely based in the UK and if you are also in the UK, you can understand the ramifications. Our developers, our marketers, our support providers, we are all based in the UK itself. This means we are working when you are working and we are not working when you are not working. We speak your accent and if you have some issue with our website chat tool (issue such as you cannot figure out a particular feature) we speak just the way you speak. There is no communication gap.

Our live chat service comes with full set of analytics capabilities. If it is integrated with your legacy CRM, it also draws information from your existing system to give you a complete picture of what your existing customers have been up to so far. When a person comes to your website our web analytics tool tells you his or her geographic location, the language the person speaks and the company he or she represents. Our live chat service is completely customisable which means that it becomes an integral part of your website once you have installed it and tweaked it.

A live chat service you can get immediately

Not feeling like spending money on a new live chat tool right now? No problem. You can download our 21-day trial version and it comes as good as it gets. You get a taste of the Enterprise features in the trial version itself so that you get a real feel of what our entire live chat system can offer. Register on our website and download the website chat tool now.

Live chat tool

Live chat tool

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