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Live chat website software to maximise your sales

Our live chat website software allows you to approach your customers and visitors directly and encourage them to buy more from you. Even reluctant visitors can be turned into eager buyers if you can efficiently use our live chat website software to initiate conversations with them and convince them. If you have been rueing the fact that all your salesmanship is going to waste because you cannot directly influence people coming to your website the way you could have done in a real store or office, you are in for a pleasant surprise. When you install our live chat website software you can achieve that

The moment people come to your website, you can treat them with a warm message to have a chat with you. Even if you don’t want to confront them immediately, you can set up automatic triggers that initiate chat conversations at critical stages, for example when someone is trying to buy a product on your website but lingers for an unnatural amount of time in a particular section.

Live chat website software

Develop an intelligent system using our live chat website software

As you keep on using our live chat website software you will develop a knack for understanding the core issues on your website and what stops people from doing business with you. At precisely those moments you can set up automatic triggers. For example, assuming there are four stages in your shopping cart checkout process. Since you can observe the movements of people performing various activities on your website, you will be able to make out if most of the prospective buyers abandon your shopping cart when they have reached the third stage. You can either make changes and do some experiments to make sure that people don’t abandon your shopping cart during that stage, or you can set up triggers so that the moment people reach that stage, they are invited to have a chat with you in case they are facing some problem. If they are not facing a problem, they could ignore your invite and go on buying the product and if they have some problem, there is a 90% chance that they are going to seek your help using your invite.

Considering that 60% people might be abandoning your shopping cart midway you can imagine what a difference you can make by strategically interfering and solving people’s problems just at the moment when it can make a big impact.

Our live chat website software provides you a completely safe way to exchange confidential information

As you regularly interact with your visitors and customers using our live chat support for website, lots of confidential information could be exchanged. You will be encouraging people to submit personal documents. They will be sharing personal details with you if you are a consultant or a health expert. They will be discussing their financial information with you. In case they are trying to buy from your website and they don’t know how to use their credit cards, they may also provide their credit card details if they don’t know to keep the details to themselves, in this case the software hides the information from the operator. A lot of information will be such that, that it should not fall into wrong hands. This is why whether you are using our trial version or one of the paid versions of our live web chat software; we provide 256-bit encryption to encrypt every bit of information exchanged between the various parties.

A live web chat software that totally changes the way you do business

You no longer need to depend on chance when you have installed our online chat software for website. You can collectively approach your visitors and convince them into doing business with you. You can also upsell and cross sell to increase your sales. You will be selling them items they hadn’t even intended to purchase in the first place. If they are purchasing one item, you can offer them an additional item at a better rate. In case they are not convinced about the pricing you can on-the-fly create an offer for them. These are the activities that cannot be performed in the absence of live chat for website.

Live chat website software

Live chat website software

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