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Use our live chat widget to boost your business

Our live chat widget can help you boost your business in many ways. When you use it as a live chat widget it doesn't mean that you just get to chat with your visitors and customers, although this is one of the biggest benefits of installing the widget. It comes with multiple capabilities. Yes, it allows you to engage with your prospective and present customers and clients in an effective manner, but along with that it also helps you improve the overall performance of your website by giving you insights that are normally not available without such a tool. On this page we are listing some examples of the ways you can use our live chat widget to improve the overall performance of your website along with your own performance as a marketer.

Live chat widget

Use our live chat widget to get loyal customers

Customer loyalty breeds on timely support. People will come to you again and again if you give them the support they need and you can do this easily with our live chat widget. The real-time appeal of our live chat application is unsurpassable. The surveys have revealed that more than 82% people perceive a website having a business live chat software installed positively and would eagerly do business with. They relate live chat windows with instant response to their queries and questions.

Timely and efficient response will create you an army of loyal customers and they will bring you direct and indirect business non-stop. This is the biggest benefit when you add live chat on your website. People who would normally go away otherwise will click on your live chat windows and initiate a conversation with you simply because they think you are available in real-time.

Use our live chat widget to increase your sales manifold

As mentioned above, our live chat application can help you create an army of loyal customers. This is one way of increasing your sales. Another way of increasing your sales is selling as much as possible to a person who is eager to buy from you. This can be achieved by timely help, up selling and cross selling.

There is a 60% shopping cart abandonment rate. This means these people leave your website even when they intend to buy from you. You can stop them from going by offering timely help. In case they are confused about the features of your product, you can explain to them. Many people cannot make credit card payments; you can advise them. Some people cannot understand your purchase funnel. You can direct them.

Up selling means even if people are not interested in buying from you right now, you convince them into buying from you. Through cross selling, you can offer multiple products to a person who originally intended to buy just one product as complimentary accessories. These are great ways of increasing your sales using our business live chat software.

The basic idea is to make people feel as comfortable as possible by showing them that you are more interested in solving their problems rather than selling your products. For example, if someone wants to buy a trousers and you advise the person through your live chat widget to also buy a shirt from your website, you're not doing this in order to make more sales, you are doing this because the shirt will actually look good with the chosen pair of trousers.

A live chat application that is freely available with its full glory

You can add live chat to your website for free and you can use the most advanced features of our software straight for 21 days. This will give you enough time to try out various features of our business live chat software in real-time. Using the trial version doesn't mean you cannot use our live chat widget to generate more sales and engage more people on your website. You can do everything with our trial version that you can do with our Enterprise version. So there is no reason to dither. We won't even ask for your credit card. Simply register on our website and download the live chat application for free now.

Live chat widget

Live chat widget

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