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Since you are exploring our website we can assume that you understand the potential of installing a live chat widget on your website. Even if you haven’t experienced its power so far, you must have seen how effectively it allows you to communicate with the people behind a business website and how easily your questions get answered. So you understand that if you install a live chat widget on your own website you can considerably improve the way people reach out to you or the way you reach out to people to provide answers in real time weather these answers impact your sales or if they allow you to provide timely help to people who seek your help. A live chat widget is a perfect communication tool whether you are interested in increasing your sales or spreading the impact of your sociopolitical messages.

Live chat widget

Transforming your business with live chat widget

More than 82% people on the Internet have a positive perception of websites that prominently display a live chat widget icon. Everybody is used to chatting and instant messaging. Every social networking website these days provides instant messaging. There is a complete microcosm of chatting applications on mobile phones. People text more these days and call less, and expect the same when they come to your website.

As the name goes, instant messaging means an instant redress. People want to be heard as soon as possible. When they call you, due to the sheer number of calls you might be receiving, there is a great chance that they will be put on hold for a long time. Being put on hold can be a greatly annoying situation to be in and most people try to avoid it. Something similar happens when people send you an email. They have to wait for your reply. A live chat system on the other hand encourages them to contact you because they know that the response is going to be immediate and even if not immediate, then at least in a few seconds. What does this mean? A greater number of people will contact you.

Our live chat widget provides you a deep insight into the way people use your website

The inbuilt web analytics tool is a powerful feature of our live chat system. The moment someone enters your website you can start tracking his or her movements. In whichever section the person goes, as long as he or she is on your website, you can track the movements. You will also be able to see how much time a person spends on individual webpages while being on your website. If a person used a search engine to find your website, our analytics tool will tell you exactly what you were the person used, so you can know in advance what he or she is looking for. When the person decides to have a chat with you, he or she will need to submit details like email ID and language preference, providing you further information. Even if the person doesn’t log in to chat with you, you can easily find out his or her geographic location by merely looking at the information being presented to you.

Why it makes sense to install website chat widget from Click4Assistance?

As a premium website chat widget provider we are completely based in the UK and if you too are a UK-based business you will totally understand the importance of this. It means the support that you get will be during your work hours. We will be speaking your language in your accent. If you have a region-specific problem, we will immediately relate to it.

Our concern for your privacy is paramount. This is why, whether you are using our trial version or one of our paid versions, you enjoy 256-bit encryption technology for all your interactions. Whether you are having a confidential talk, exchanging important documents or hiding account/credit card details, your communication cannot be intercepted by malicious individuals.

You can totally customise and integrate our website chat widget with your existing presence and software applications that you might be using to efficiently run your business. When it comes to utilising data, you needn’t start from scratch. All your existing customer profiles can be easily imported into the backend of our chat windows.

Get the coolest live chat system for your website now

Our trial version can be used for 21 days. No obligation, no need to make a payment. We don’t start charging you automatically once the trial-period is over since you won’t be submitting your credit card details in order to download the software. Just register on our website for free in order to download the software and then upload the live chat solution script onto your website

Live chat widget

Live chat widget

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