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Unlimited live chat windows with our application

Do you know how many live chat windows you can have opened while using our application? Unlimited. Yes, although it depends on your personal capacity, when it comes to using our live web chat software, you can have an infinite number of windows opened in front of you so that you can have a chat with multiple visitors and customers at the same time. How does this feature help you?

Imagine how you take customer calls and visitor requests using telephone and email. When people have a problem on your website and if there is no way people can use live chat windows on your website, the only option they have is, either call you or email you. The problem with calling you or emailing you is that the redress, often, is not immediate. If there are multiple people calling you at the same time, you may have to put some of them on hold (in fact, most of them) while you take care of one particular call.

In the same vein, you can only reply to one email at a time, while the others wait in your inbox. This can be a big problem if you don't have a big staff and you are suddenly getting lots of queries from your visitors as well as existing customers. You might be losing customers simply because you cannot talk to them. There is a 60% shopping cart abandonment rate because in the midst of making a purchase people either get distracted or confused. Even when they call you, you are not able to attend to their call and they go to another website, closing up whatever windows of opportunities you could have had.

live chat windows

Live chat windows, your gateway to astounding business success

Your business success depends a lot on the way you interact with people. At a micro level it works in your shop or the small retail store, at the macro level, it works through various branding campaigns. The basic point is, helping people remember you and on your website, live chat windows can help you achieve that. They may seem like small, insignificant windows, but they can make a big difference in the way you engage your visitors, understand their problems, and respond to their queries. The better is your response, the more they trust you, and the more they trust you, the more business they bring you, directly and indirectly.

With our live chat windows, you don't just talk to more people at the same time, you are able to talk better. The web analytics tool that is shipped with our live chat application gives you an in-depth insight into the way people go through the various pages on your website. So the way they are using your website you can make out what they are looking for. The analytics tool also tells you which website people were visiting before coming to your website and this also gives you a better grasp of their research pattern. If they come via a search engine, the analytics tool tells you which keyword enabled them to find your website. So our live web chat software are not just small windows that pop up on your screen, they are a complete microcosm of a totally aware interaction.

Our website chat tool is available on Microsoft Windows and practically every other major platform

Whether you're using Microsoft Windows or any other operating system you can easily use our website chat tool. This is primarily because it is a web based interface and since it is a web based interface, it solely depends on your browser. And which operating system doesn't support browsers these days? Besides, our website chat widget is available across all major contemporary devises. Whether you use a mobile phone or a tablet, a small laptop, a big laptop or a computer, nothing stops you from using our website chat tool. The ergonomically designed interface makes it easy for you to engage your visitors, access analytics and other reports, manage people and resources and schedule alerts with great ease. No matter what is your screen size, all major functions and windows of our website chat widget are just a click or a tap away.

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Live chat windows

live chat windows

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