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This impeccable online chat service can be yours for free

Would you like to get a top-class online chat service for your website, preferably for free? Read on.

Online chat is a great way to provide highly professional customer service from your website. It's real-time and it provides instant gratification to your visitors and customers. They no longer have to call you or email you (although these options are still quite vital for your business); they can just click your chat icon and start talking to you. The beauty of our online chat service is that simultaneously you can hold conversations with an unlimited number of people unlike telephone and email where you can handle just one query at a time.

Online chat service

An online chat service that continuously helps you improve your customer service

The quality of your customer service evolves according to the experience you or your support staff get while handling various queries. There are 2 ways you can improve your customer service while using our online chat service: by studying existing transcripts and by inviting people to leave feedback after they have had a chat with you or one of your representatives. The inbuilt feedback form or the survey form is presented to your customer or visitor once a chat session is over so that he or she can leave feedback and help you improve the way you treat your customers and visitors.

In case people don't leave feedback you can also go through previous chat transcripts to improve the quality of conversations that your support staff have with people. You can find out how many chats it took in order to get a query resolved and what was the quality and how fast were the answers provided.

Engage with your visitors automatically through our online chat service

You cannot possibly track each and every visitor that lands on your website. So what do you do? You either invite them to have a conversation with you as soon as they come to your website or you can let them explore your website before approaching them. You can set up triggers that display a small pop-up to your visitors inviting them to have a chat with you in case they have a query or they need to know more about your product or business. You can also base these triggers on the actions people take such as entering a particular section on your website or moving the cursor towards the location URL (indicating that the person is leaving your website) or heading towards the pages that don't particularly lead to sales but are just there to improve your search engine rankings.

Our live chat service allows you to minimise the chances of error by allowing you to create canned responses

Creating canned responses using our online chat service is the best way to provide perfect answers with greatest speed. These answers are already there and they are tried and tested. People have used them and benefited from them. These canned responses can be stored in a database that can be easily searched by your visitors or they can be dug out by your support staff whenever someone asks the same question.

Optimise your performance with enhanced reporting that comes with our customer service chat

Enhanced chat reporting provides you information such as operator response time, chat durations, first contact resolution monitoring and such. This reporting also tells you the individual performance of your chat agents. The data from the reporting section can be easily exported to your Google analytics account once you have integrated your live chat customer service with your Google analytics account.

You can benefit greatly from our online chat service for free for a limited time period

We will give you the full version of our online chat software for websites for straight 21 days (3 weeks) which gives you ample amount of time to try out not just various features, but actually experience the benefits of those features. You will be able to interact with your visitors and customers in real-time, solve their problems and help them buy more from you. Even with our free version you will be increasing customer loyalty and generating more sales in a matter of a few hours. So don't wait any longer, download our live chat service now and provide exceptional customer service chat from your website.

Online chat service

Online chat service

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