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Online chat software for websites

Are you looking for a world-class online chat software for websites? The good news for you is that your search is over. Now that you are on, you need not look somewhere else. Whatever you need in order to supercharge your customer engagement and support, you will find in our online chat software for websites. Right from the ability to open up unlimited chat windows to giving you precise details through our web analytics tool, you will find everything that normally comes with a world-class online chat service. Once you start using our chat software, you will wonder how you have been managing your business without it. Interacting with your visitors and customers in a strategic manner will be a breeze.

Online chat software for website

Hold intelligent conversations with our online chat software for website

What do you mean by having intelligent conversations? It means knowing about your visitors and customers as much as possible. Since you cannot know about them without talking to them, most of the information needs to be extracted circumstantial -wise. For example, our web analytics tool that comes bundled with online chat service tells you the geographic location of the person who has logged onto your website. The tool will also tell you the website which the person had visited prior to coming to your website. This will give you an idea whether the person is randomly hopping between different websites or there is a well-defined pattern. Since our online chat system can be integrated with the CRM application that you must already be using on your website, in case it is an existing customer who is trying to have a chat with you, you will immediately have access to his or her existing details, for example what was the item that he or she had previously purchased, to which address the item was delivered and what sort of payment the person had made. This is very good information to hold intelligent conversations with your visitors and customers.

Have an instant connection with your visitors by installing online chat software for website

When your visitors are trying to contact you they don’t have to wait for anything. Since you have “online” status, it means you are present and you are ready to talk to people. More people are inclined towards having a chat with you if you have a chat icon on your website and better, the chat icon is in “online” state. This encourages people to click the icon and have a conversation with you whether they have something important or just looking for casual information. Since you can monitor visitors to your website using the inbuilt web analytics tool, you can even manually invite people to have chat conversations with you. Don’t want to randomly chat with people? No need to worry – you can set up alerts that prompt you to approach particular visitors if they have carried out certain actions on your website, for example visiting pages that may lead them to buying from you.

Download the 21-day trial version from our website immediately

Just as you can have conversations with your visitors and customers in real-time, you can download our online chat system for website in real time without much time lag. In order to make the initial process as easy as possible and as fruitful as possible, we offer you a free version of our website chat tool that you can install on your website and as an icing on the cake, we offer the full feature list in the trial version. You can use the trial version straight away for 21 days and it will give you an ample amount of time to play around with various features. If you’re serious, you can even make a big impact by using our trial version. So go ahead, download our online chat software and install it on your website right now.

Online chat software for website

Online chat software for website

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