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Online help chat to provide timely customer support

Do you want to provide timely customer support from your website? Then you need online help chat from Click4Assistance. We offer a complete microcosm of effective engagement that doesn't just depend on your ability to initiate chat conversations, but also allows you to build an entire intelligence system around your frequent interactions. Online help chat is a complete phenomenon. It isn't just a chat window although the entire action takes place through a tiny chat window. The action happens on your side. Right from analysing the way people use your website to improving your conversion and SEO, there is a slew of features you can use when you decide to install our online help chat on your website.

Online help chat

Why timely customer support matters and how our online help chat can help you

When you have a chat icon on your website it encourages people to reach out to you and this is a great way to keep people on your website for as long as possible. The sense of immediacy is quite reassuring to them. A big problem with most of the businesses is that people have this perception that once they have made a sale, they don't give a hoot what problems their customers face. It isn't as if they are not interested in providing support. They either don't have the resources or they don't have the right tools. Our online help chat solves the problem from both the ends. This is how...

You can have an unlimited number of chats at the same time when you use our online help chat. This may seem absurd at the outset, but when you actually start experiencing it, you will be amazed by the way your efficiency and productivity improve. Just imagine, it is as if you have suddenly increased your support staff. Suppose you previously had 5 employees answering to people's queries via telephone and email. Since you can only respond to one telephone call at a time and reply to one email message at a time, there was no way their productivity and efficiency could be increased. It would become counter-productive.

But with our online chat system, since you can have an unlimited number of chats at the same time, you don't have to confine yourself to attending to just one query at a time. This is made possible by automating multiple tasks. For example, you can create canned responses that you can provide to people immediately without even a second's delay. Besides, while one person is typing in his or her response, you can attend to another person. Eventually, it depends on your individual capacity how many people you can handle at a time. But even if one person can handle 3 queries at the same time, suddenly you are handling 15 queries at the same time (assuming you have got 5 employees) instead of 5.

Improve conversion with our online sales chat

It's not just the ability to chat with people that makes our online chat system great, you can also improve your conversion rate by using our web analytics tool that is bundled with the overall setup. Take for example people coming to your website via search engines – our web analytics tool tells you the keyword that was used that enabled people to find your website.

Suppose you are getting lots of traffic for "white shirt" but very less traffic for "blue shirt" but more people buy blue shirts compared to white shirts. This interesting fact can be revealed using our online chat software application and you can tinker with the individual keywords and their related pages to solve the problem.

You can get online help chat for your website right now

At we offer a 21-day trial version for our top-notch online chat software. All you have to do is, register yourself. You don't need to enter your credit card details or anything. You don't need to make a payment. There is no commitment. After registering, you can straightaway download the online help chat software onto your computer and once you have added the online chat service script, you are ready to use online sales chat and use all the premium features while using the trial version.

Online help chat

Online help chat

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