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Our online chat software can help you multiply your online sales with amazing speed. There is nothing magical about it. It has got more to do with your ability to reach out to people who are already coming to your website and who would have left had you not been able to interact with them using the right medium and at the right time. Timing is very crucial for your online sales and this is why installing an online chat system on your website can make a huge difference. Do you know that 60/100 prospective customers might be abandoning your shopping cart midway? Can you stop them? A big portion of them, definitely. For that you use our online sales chat application. You proactively engage them in meaningful conversations. You offer them help when help is needed and when it isn't even realised that help is needed.

Online Sales Chat

Why your online sales experience amazing growth with online chat?

Normally when people come to your website there is no online help chat facility and sales happen depending on random circumstances. There are many factors in action: the person wanting to purchase from you might be in a highly distracted state; he or she might be planning to explore various options before finally deciding in your favour; he or she might get confused while trying to figure out how to purchase from you or might assume that you don't have what he or she is looking for despite the fact that you actually have it. These are ripe sales that you might be missing simply because there is no human interaction on your website. Online sales chat can help you bridge this gap and improve your sales prospects.

You can talk to people before they leave your website. You can initiate chat conversations with them at strategic points. Suppose there is a portion in your website that ends up confusing people rather than helping them and somehow you cannot remove that portion. So what do you do? You can set automatic triggers using our online chat software so that whenever someone reaches that section you are prompted to have a conversation with the person or the person is prompted to have a conversation with you.

Other than that you can also invite people to have a chat with you as soon as they come to your website so that you can hook them before they decide to leave. If you don't believe in approaching people as soon as they enter your website, you can set a time interval of 5-10 seconds before they are invited to have a conversation with you using a live chat solution.

Why online sales chat matters

We live in a world where conversations are happening all around. Whether you're using social networking websites or mobile phone apps everybody is conversing. People are constantly interacting with each other using instant messaging services. Our online chat system brings the same capabilities to your website. You can allow people to have conversations with you in real-time. In case there is a problem and they need some assistance, they can use their familiar mode of communication (that is, chatting) to get in touch with you. Whether on mobile phones or computers and laptops, people are used to exchanging messages using chat interface. Besides, many people, especially youngsters, don't call much – they normally send messages and they expect the same feature when they come to your website. They don't have the patience of calling you up or writing you an email. They would rather get an answer from you immediately.

Get online sales chat for your website for free

Would you like to engage with your visitors using online help chat and increase your sales in the process? Solving people's problems in real-time and with great accuracy is a sure shot way of increasing customer loyalty. offers you online sales chat free of cost. You can use our trial version for 21 days and you get all the premium features that you get in our Enterprise package. This is so that you can try out the very crux of our live chat solution without missing even a single feature that can help you increase your sales. Whether you're a small business, a medium-sized business or a large enterprise, you can scale our online sales chat application accordingly. You don't need credit card details in order to download the trial. Just register yourself and set the ball rolling.

Online Sales Chat

Online Sales Chat

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