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PHP live chat that can be easily customised

A great thing about applications made with PHP is that it is very easy to alter the source code and same is true for PHP live chat. You can quickly open a particular PHP file in a standard text editor and make the changes you want. You can practically create an exceptional product out of an existing product if you know your PHP well. We provide customisation and integration of our live chat service and PHP makes it really possible for our customers to carry out the customisation and integration work they need to do in order to fully utilise our live chat.

PHP live chat

Work wonders with your business with our PHP live chat

PHP is an interpreter-based language which means you can easily upload the setup files to your server and get going within a few minutes. Our live chat installation process is highly intuitive and straightforward. But the benefits that you derive from it are exceptional. It can immediately turn around your sales if you get some decent amount of traffic on your website.

More than 99% web hosts support PHP so if you are hosting your website somewhere there is practically no reason why you shouldn't be able to run our live chat application. It's very light; you can download it from our website within a few minutes (ultimately it depends on your Internet connection).

The key is to display your chat icon prominently on your website and providing help to your visitors and customers as and when they need it. Whether you use PHP live chat or live chat software developed in another language ultimately it's your ability to engage people on your website that really matters.

Our PHP live chat software provides you the needed tools but how you use those tools solely depends on you or your support staff.

Take for instance the ability of our PHP live chat software to carry out an unlimited number of conversations simultaneously. All the various studies have revealed that optimally a person can handle 3 conversations at a time using live chat, we have provided an unlimited capability so that you can always extend your limits and maximise your time and investment.

Have an in-depth knowledge of visitor behaviour with our PHP live chat

PHP has been quickly bridging the gap between interpreter-based language and compiler-based language. For example, the advanced web analytics features that come with our live web chat software will totally blow your mind.

It is as detailed as it gets. The moment someone comes to your website you can observe the person's movements. Literally in front of you there is a list like which pages the person is visiting, which page the person is currently on, from which page he or she has entered your website and in case he or she leaves your website, which was the last page he or she was visiting. This will help you prepare a list of pages on your website that sends people away. The analytics tool tells you the geographic location of the person and sometimes even the language he or she speaks. Our live web chat software also tells you the keyword the person used in case he or she came from a search engine. The moment you know the keyword, you know exactly what the person wants, isn't it?

You can observe multiple visitors in multiple tabs.

Our hosted live chat allows you to automate engagement tasks

As the number of visitors on your website increases, it becomes difficult to observe every visitor. Our live chat website software allows you to automate your engagement activities so that only the hot leads are monitored and invited to have a conversation with you. Whenever a person enters your website you can greet the person with an invite to have a chat with you. You can do it immediately or you can wait for a few seconds. In case you're off-line, the inbuilt form builder allows people to leave messages while you are away so that you can get back to them when you are available next time. You can also trigger assistance events when people are visiting particular pages for their target prospective customers.

Our live web chat software is yours for free for 21 days

Not sure whether you want to invest right away? There is no need to worry. You can download our trial version that is totally free. You don't need to submit your credit card. Simply register on our website, verify your details and immediately you can download the live chat website software. No obligation. Use our hosted live chat for 21 days, make use of it as much as you can and you will realise yourself how much business you might be losing by not using it permanently on your website.

PHP live chat

PHP live chat

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