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PHP live chat software you can seamlessly customise and integrate

The greatest thing about our PHP live chat software is it can run on practically every server on the surface of the earth. There are very few hosting environments that do not support PHP and there is a 99.99% percent chance that you are not hosting your website on one of those servers. So if you are wondering whether you should download our PHP live software for your particular hosting environment, you don't need to worry – it is definitely going to work under your domain.

PHP live chat software

The benefits of using PHP live chat software

The greatest benefit is ease of installation. It is an interpreter based language which means the mere existence of the needed files can ensure execution of the PHP live chat software program. You can simply upload the PHP files onto the server and the live chat software starts working. No need to have shell access and then install the program.

Since all PHP files exist as text files (not .txt per se, but you can open the files using a decent text editor) you can easily modify them without running the risk of spoiling your main website. This is why it's very easy to customise your copy of PHP live chat and also develop extra routines to integrate it with your existing applications as long as the data can be easily accessed.

Our PHP live chat software is completely portable

Unsure whether you are going to have much time in front of your computer or laptop? No need to worry. Provided you have a decent Internet connection and a mobile browser, you can access our PHP live chat software from every mainstream device whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet. Doesn't matter whether you are on the move or somewhere stationary. All you need is a good Internet connection and all the features and functions that come with our PHP live chat software will be available to you seamlessly. Our interface quickly scales according to your screen size and every major function is available within a few taps.

Does having PHP live chat software mean compromising on functionality?

Not at all! Most advanced web-based applications these days are being run solely on PHP and there is no reason why your real time chat software shouldn't be run using it. There is nothing you cannot do with PHP that you can do with any other language. In fact PHP is much more compatible with the nature of your average real time chat software.

The hosted live chat software from Click4Assistance has the most advanced features that you can find in any PHP or non-PHP application of the same nature. The web analytics tools will tell you everything you need to know about your visitors' and customers' behaviour. You can hold video, text and audio chats. The chatting environment is completely secure using 256-bit encryption. You can open unlimited chat windows at the same time talking to as many people as possible simultaneously. In case you're off-line, the inbuilt contact form can keep on generating leads for you by allowing people to leave messages at any time. You can prepare canned responses to minimise chances of error and miscommunication. You can also set up automatic notifications in case you would like to strike up conversations with your visitors and customers at a particular juncture. You can integrate, as mentioned above, our PHP hosted live chat software with your existing CRM so that pre-existing details about a customer immediately become available to you as a chat session begins.

All these are as advanced features as you can get in any other integrated chat software developed using any other language.

Get your PHP live chat software from Click4Assistance now

Installing our integrated live chat software on your website is the easiest task to accomplish. Register on Download the software to sign into your account and access your dashboard. Add the script to your website and within a few minutes you can start interacting with your visitors and customers and increase your sales as a result.

PHP live chat software

PHP live chat software

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