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Real-time chat software to increase customer loyalty

One of the biggest problems of Internet businesses is that after-sale support is practically missing. It might not be that the companies don't care about their customers (in some cases that might also be the case), it's just that they never have enough resources to respond to the onslaught of support requests that they get on daily basis. This is where real-time chat software can help you in a very big way.

The quality of your support can help you increase your customer loyalty tremendously because normally when there is some problem with a product or service, people are less annoyed with the problem and more annoyed by the lack of support. This is the reason people really love businesses that provide prompt support.

Real-time chat software

Provide prompt support with real-time chat software

Real-time chat software, as you can guess by the name, lets you interact with your customers as and when they need an answer. Once you have installed our real-time chat software on your website a chat icon becomes visible on the website and people simply need to click it or tap it in order to initiate a chat conversation with you or one of your support staff. Nobody has enough time these days. If possible, people need instant response to their problems. They don't want to call you because they don't want to be put on hold indefinitely. They don't want to email you because it involves lots of hassle and a long waiting period. Real-time chat software allows them to get in touch with you instantly and get their problem solved.

It also allows you to be there for your customers and show them that you care for them and you want to provide them solutions in case they need them as early as possible. It's like somebody is always there to take care of their problems.

Real-time chat software helps you make more sales

It's all about experience. If people have good experience on your website whether they are buying from you for the first time or the 2nd time (or the umpteenth time) the sort of experience that they have on your website will always keep them coming back. Often when they are making a purchase for the first time they cannot figure out how to select a particular product and in many cases, how to make the payment. During such scenarios, you can act like the friendly salesperson that people may meet in an actual brick and mortar store. You can assist them in making a choice. You can also offer your own opinion. You can guide them through various sections on your website so that they can make an informed decision that they won't regret later on.

Another way of making more sales is by up selling and cross selling. You can make suggestions using our web live chat software. For example if someone is buying an accessory from your website you can also suggest the complimentary accessory that would go well with the accessory being bought. In another instance, if a person is having a doubt you can offer an alternative so that the person doesn't leave your website without making a purchase.

Get live chat software for websites right now for free

In order to give you a taste of the power of our live chat software for websites we offer a 21-day trial period during which you can use our live chat software for business for free in its full glory. Since we don't want you to miss out on any of our great features you have the most powerful features in the trial version. How do you get it? It's very simple.

Just register on our website and download the live chat software. Once you have added the web live chat software script to your website everything else follows smoothly.

Real-time chat software

Real-time chat software

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