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Real-time chat software to bring real-time interactivity to your website

Real-time chat software allows you to interact with your visitors and customers in real-time. What does this exactly mean? It means there is no time lag between what is being conveyed and what response is being generated. Normally what happens is, in the conventional world where real-time chat software is out of the picture, whenever support is required, people call or send email. This is not real-time. At least not when there is a deluge of support calls and people need to be put on hold, sometimes indefinitely. Phone-based support is notorious and many people have simply stopped calling the companies fearing that they are never going to be able to get through to the right person. Email is a bit better, still it requires lots of time. Many companies claim that they are able to respond in about 72 hours, which is a long time. This doesn’t happen with online chat software. In most of the cases, conversation is actually real-time, although there might be a few cases where you may have to wait for a few seconds or worse, a few minutes.

Real-time chat software

A full-fledged real-time chat software from Click4Assistance

What do you look for in a world class real-time chat software? Ability to chat? Of course that’s the basic function of a online chat system. Automating engagement tasks? Yes, our real-time chat software offers you that. Although you can track movements of visitors individually on your website, there comes a time when there might be hundreds of visitors on your website and humanly it won’t be possible for you to track them one at a time. Even if you hire multiple chat agents, it won’t be possible for them to track each and every visitor. For this, our automatic triggers come handy. You can set them to invite people to have a chat with you as soon as they arrive at your website or you can set them to show a chat invitation when they have spent a couple of minutes on your website. Don’t want the trigger to be time-based? There are certain pages on your website that are, although essential to the overall structure of your website, a bit distracting. These are the pages where you would like to set up automatic chat invitation triggers so that people are invited to have a chat with you. You can also instruct your real-time chat software to talk to your visitors when they start adding items to their shopping cart.

Our real-time chat software is a portable and secure way to talk to your visitors and customers

You can’t sit in front of the computer all the time? No problem. We offer you a real-time chat software that can be controlled from any device that can be hooked to the Internet. You can use our online help chat using your mobile phone, tablet PC and of course, laptop or computer.

If privacy and safety are your main concern, then you will be happy to know that all our interactions are protected with 256-bit encryption. The communication that takes place using our chat software for website cannot be intercepted so you can easily accept confidential documents and carry out confidential conversations. In case your customers find it difficult to make credit card payments and enter their details into chat, the online chat software can identify this and masks the details away from the operator and other prying eyes

Online chat software that generates leads for you even when you are away

Our online chat system comes with an inbuilt contact form builder with powerful validation features. This contact form will be useful if you are in an “off-line” status and are unable to respond immediately. What’s the difference between the usual contact form and the contact form that comes with our online help chat? At the surface there isn’t much difference to be frank; it is all psychological. When people have a problem normally they don’t head to the contact form. They prefer the chat button. Once they have clicked the chat button they are more eager to leave their details in case they don’t find you online. So even while you are away, our chat software for website generates leads for you round the clock.

Our online help chat can be yours for free

For 21 days to be exact. You can use our trial version for three weeks with no charge. There is no hidden cost. There is no obligation. Just register on our website and that’s it. you will be able to download the software onto your computer and then you can upload the script. You don’t need to enter credit card details in order to download our chat software.

Real-time chat software

Real-time chat software

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