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What makes ours the top live chat software?

When we call ours the top live chat software we aren't just making a claim to impress you or score a marketing brownie point. It is a reality. Getting at the top hasn't been our sole purpose though. What we intend to achieve is make for you using our live chat software for websites as rewarding as possible. You want to install our live chat solution to make life easier for you as well as your customers, clients, business partners, employees, and whoever needs to use the live chat software for websites in order to interact with you. This is our biggest strength: we make interacting by are live chat software seamless. Being known for being at the top is just an icing on the cake.

top live chat software

The top live chat software which is the best choice for your business

When you go for the top live chat software it doesn't mean you have to pay through your nose. All our versions are totally affordable and they can be scaled up or down according to the size and dimension of your business. So naturally if you are a big business you can afford our Enterprise version. If you're a small business or a medium-sized business, then you will be easily able to afford our Professional version. If you're really small, maybe just one person managing individual tasks, then the Lite version is the best choice for you. This is why our live chat applications becomes the top choice for all the businesses – no matter what is the size of your business, our live chat software for websites will be perfect for you both in terms of usability and cost.

Feature-rich live chat solution from top to bottom

Our best live chat software is a powerhouse of features, right from the ability to hold multiple chats at the same time to talking to people using multiple modes – text, video and audio – to saving transcripts to routing your chat conversations, just to name a few. It is a mechanism, an engine that can completely drive your business to greater heights. Our web analytics tool gives you a deep insight into the way people use your website. When someone comes to your website, you can know from which page the person entered your website, which pages he or she has visited so far, and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages. It tells you what keyword the person used in case he or she came from a search engine. Aside from these, you also get to know the geographic location of the person from where he or she has logged on to your website, the language he or she speaks, the company or business he or she represents and every other detail that can tell you what he or she is looking for. This can help you chart your way accordingly and have an effective conversation.

You can fully integrate our live chat solution with your legacy CRM system so you can immediately access additional details about an existing customer. The moment a chat session is initiated with an existing customer all the related details such as how many times he or she has shopped on your website, what are his or her preferences, where he or she lives and such, become available to you.

There is a reason we are the top live chat software provider in the UK

Our entire team of developers, marketers and support providers is based in the UK itself. We work during your working hours. We speak your accent. We understand your regional problems. We are familiar with your terrain and cultural nuances. There are no communication gaps when you interact with one of our support professionals. This is a big reason why ours is the top live chat software in the UK.

What are you waiting for? Download the best live chat software now

Being the top live chat software doesn't mean it is difficult to install. It is one of the easiest live chat applications to install. Register yourself on our website and download the software. All you have to do is, add the html script to your website and log in to the software that’s it. Within a few minutes you will be using the best live chat software.

Top Live Chat Software

top live chat software

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