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Top live chat software in the UK

Top live chat software isn’t just a title for our website, we actually offer one of the best products in this category in the whole of the UK. This is proven by the fact that top organisations including government agencies, healthcare sector, educational institutions and business houses use our live chat software as their top choice. We have retained our position primarily because we offer a feature-rich product that is constantly being updated according to contemporary business challenges and requirements to keep up with the cutting edge communication technologies.

Top live chat software

Why you should try out our top live chat software

As mentioned above, it is our future-rich product that immediately propels your business to the higher realms of engagement and productivity. You will be able to interact with your visitors and customers on an unprecedented level.

We live in the times of instant communication and this is what your customers and visitors expect when they come to your website. They’re no longer used to making phone calls and sending emails. Although much business happens over email and telephone, when it comes to seeking support after purchasing a product or subscribing for a service, people prefer to use chat support software rather than taking the trouble to make a phone call or shoot an email. They will by default seek the chat icon on the website the moment they want to reach out to you. In fact more than 82% people claim that they have a highly positive perception of a website that displays a chat icon at the top or at the bottom of the website so that live chat software can be initiated using either embedded software or a website template add-on.

The live chat software from Click4Assistance comes with a top list of features that you can use to not just communicate with your customers but also to truly understand their needs as deeply as possible. The web analytics tool that comes with our live chat software for websites allows you to get an in-depth knowledge of what your customers are looking for and what has been their researching and buying behaviour when they arrive on your website.

Our chat support software is a top choice for people looking for exceptional customer service

Although customer service depends on your approach the tools that you use to provide support to your customers play a great role, and so does our live chat software for websites. This is why it is the top choice of businesses and institutions that really care for their customers and members. As mentioned above, the web analytics tool that comes with our live chat software gives you a comprehensive insight into user behaviour on your website. You can easily know so far which webpages your visitor has gone through while on your website. The web analytics feature will tell you through which webpage someone enters your website and through which page he or she leaves. If he or she came via a search engine this tool will also tell you which keyword was used that enabled the person to find your website. This way you can improve conversion rate of individual keywords. Besides, the more you know about the person you’re talking to in advance, the better will be your understanding of his or her problem or concern. With experience the quality of customer support will improve.

Would you like to take the top live chat software for a ride before you make a financial commitment?

You can take the top live chat software for a ride free of cost and enjoy all its features as if you were using the most advanced package Click4Assistance can offer. This is so that you can explore its greatness in all its glory and really understand what our chat support software can achieve for your business. You will be able to use the advanced analytics and reporting features while using the 21-day trial version of our top live chat software. You will be able to engage visitors and customers on your website and improve your conversion rate and consequently, make more sales (while using the free version). So don’t delay. There is no financial commitment. There is no obligation. Simply log onto our website, register, and get the script for the best web chat software.

Top live chat software

Top live chat software

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