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Install our web chat software and increase your sales immediately

The best thing about installing web chat software on your website is that the results are immediate – you will be immediately able to experience an increase in your sales and there is nothing magical about it. You simply begin to interact with your visitors and engage them and when you engage them, more and more people start buying from you. Engagement doesn't just work directly. Maybe the person you engage doesn't want something that you are offering but he or she knows someone who does. So if you interact with that person he or she will certainly recommend your product to the person he or she knows. This is the power of engagement and it is increased manifold if you do it by installing our web chat software.

web chat software

Live web chat software can totally revolutionise your bottomline

If you are a for-profit organisation then you certainly want to improve your bottomline. For that you need more sales. You need to generate more revenue. Before installing web chat software your sales totally depend on your website and whatever you have published over there – the text, the images or the animations, whatever. You leave everything to chance, because some people may find the material that you have published on your website useful and conducive and some may not and even among those who find your website useful, may not be clear whether they should buy from you or not and even if they want to buy from you, they might not be clear about how to actually buy. There can be thousands of complications before people can purchase your product or service and positively contribute to your bottomline. Installing web chat software totally changes that.

It gives the reins into your hand. Once someone is on your website it depends on your salesmanship whether that person buys from you or not. Through your salesmanship that you practice using our web chat solutions you can turn even a casual visitors into a paying customer. Our software gives you full power.

Once you have installed web chat solutions, people won't just be buying from you, they will be buying more. And they will be buying it repeatedly because you will be able to provide them the support they are always looking for. In most of the cases the problem is not with a product or a service, the problem is with the after sale support that is glaringly missing. Sometimes it is missing because businesses don't take after-sale support seriously but in most of the cases they are not able to handle the deluge of calls that pours in every hour. In the absence of a web chat software application people are handling their support queries using telephones and emails which are linear forms of communication. But when you use our web live chat software, you can handle multiple queries at the same time. What does that mean? You will have happier customers. When you have happier customers, they don't only buy from you again and again, they also bring more customers with them.

Installing web chat software is a breeze with Click4Assistance

At Click4Assistance we have made it extremely easy to install web live chat software and in fact you can start engaging your visitors within 5-10 minutes once you have registered yourself. Our web live chat solution is completely free for the first 21 days. Once you have downloaded the web live chat solution (and you have included the JavaScript code snippet into your main website source code) the live web chat software button becomes visible on your website and both you and your visitors can start interacting with each other.

Web Chat Software

web chat software

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