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It's high time you installed website chat software of great calibre

If you ask us, you should have installed website chat software a few years ago if you are still wondering whether you should install one on your website or not and whether it is the right time or not. It's high time. Every business that means to have more sales needs a quality website chat software installed, preferably from Click4Assistance if you think in terms of a reputable businesses in the UK. Every major organisation, government department, institution and big and small business uses our website chat software and there is a reason.

website chat software

Why every major business and organisation uses our best website chat software?

There is a plethora of reasons why every major business and organisation uses our website chat software. It is replete with features that allow you to grow your business with great speed. It gives you an unprecedented insight into the way people use your website or even how they leave it. It's very easy to install. You can just start the trial from our website and get going within a few minutes – more on this later.

Our website chat software gives a big push to the level of engagement on your website. In order to grow your business, especially online, you need to constantly engage people in meaningful conversations. There is a reason why people call this the conversation economy. People are talking to each other everywhere whether it is social networking websites or e-commerce websites. Most e-commerce websites allow people to talk to each other in the comments section and they allow them to talk to the business staff via chat interface. Almost every major website these days has live chat for website running.

People immediately develop a negative perception of companies that don't have live chat on website. A big reason is people immediately want to get in touch with you in case they have a problem. They don't want to pick up the phone and then run the risk of being put on hold almost indefinitely. They don't have enough patience to send you an email. A chat icon on the other hand elicits an immediate response. When they see your online status they know that you are sitting there waiting for them to ask you something. Some people leave your website simply because it does not have website chat software and in fact this is one of the major reasons why businesses are installing such software in hordes.

Website chat software that grows with your business

We have integrated our modules in such a manner that our live chat for website grows with your business. If you compare the features of our Lite, Professional and Enterprise versions, you will see that it caters to every business. Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, our live chat software for website scales seamlessly. And in no way it stunts your business growth. It simply provides you what your business needs. And as your business needs more, you can easily upgrade. For example, we know that a small business does not need multiple departments so there is no ability to create multiple departments when you go for the Lite version. You don't even need advanced analytics at the earlier stage although you can make use of basic reporting and analytics tools. Then as your business grows, also grows the need to have more features. In that case, just log onto our website, pay for the upgrade and you are ready to roll.

Install live chat software for website free of cost

Our 21-day trial version is free of cost and it comes with all the features that you get in our Enterprise version. This is so that you can have a glimpse of the power of the best website chat software. Once you have installed it – the trial version – you can use it just as you would use the premium version. You can use it to interact with your visitors. You can provide real-time support to your customers. You can have unlimited conversations simultaneously (depending upon your capability) and you can carry out credit card transactions by accepting details from your customers and visitors. There is nothing you cannot do with our trial version. So go ahead, register on our website and get the best website chat software for your business.

Website Chat Software

website chat software

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