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Website chat software that works 24/7 for you

A big reason why people install website chat software is that they can be available to their visitors and customers 24 x 7 but sometimes it can also be a bit overwhelming. If you have a small business practically it will be very difficult for you to remain online all the time. The beauty of our website chat software is that you don’t need to be online all the time. Even if you yourself are off-line, our chat software works for you. It comes with an inbuilt contact form builder you can use to build highly powerful contact forms that people can use to leave messages for you while you are away. These messages are stored in your inbox and you can respond to them when you come online next time. Ideally it should be in the “online” status all the time and bigger businesses can afford multiple employees to make sure that this happens but even if this is not the case, during the off-line status, our web chat software can easily accept and store messages for you and hence keep on generating leads.

Website chat software

Website chat software to understand your customer’s problems

Businesses that understand their customer’s problems are in a better position to solve those problems as early as possible and hence build a loyal customer base. Our website chat software helps you seamlessly interact with your customers. If you integrate our website chat software with your legacy CRM, it can also extract information from there and fill your screen with all the relevant data that you may need in order to understand your customer’s problems. For example, if an existing customer contacts you regarding some issue he or she might be facing with something that he or she purchased recently from your website all the details of the purchase become available to you the moment he or she logs into your system and begin setting. Even if you are not running a CRM, the pre-existing details in your website chat software are made available to you the moment the person logs in. This way you don’t need to do guesswork and you don’t need to repeatedly ask the customer what sort of problem he or she has been facing.

Website chat software with completely UK-based support

Unlike other web chat solutions companies we don’t outsource our support services to other countries. Of course it would help us lower operational costs, but we don’t want to do that at the cost of your convenience. Being a web live chat solution company entirely based in the UK, we work during your work hours. You are never going to encounter a sleepy support person when the world around you is awake. When you use our website chat tool and seek support from us, we are going to speak to you in your accent, just the way you do. We understand your language and your jargon and your slangs. We have the same culture, the same social norms. This is something that our UK-based customers simply love about our business.

A completely customisable and scalable website chat tool

Wondering whether your small business can actually benefit from our web chat software? Wondering whether being a big enterprise our web chat solutions will be able to cope with the pressure? We have made our application exactly for such situations. It easily scales according to your business dimensions. Currently we are offering three packages namely, Lite, Professional and Enterprise. These packages come with different features and have different prices associated with them. From small businesses to mid-sized businesses to large enterprises and institutions, our web live chat solution can seamlessly scale.

Would you like our website chat tool to look exactly the way your website looks? You will be able to use your own logo and your own colour scheme and even your own fonts. It will completely become a part of your website and in most of the cases your visitors and customers won’t even be able to make out whether you are using one of your own software applications or a third party tool from Click4Assistance.

Don’t dillydally, install one of web chat solutions now

Frankly there is nothing to deter you from downloading our website chat software. Just log on to our website, register yourself for free if you haven’t already done so, download the software and upload the scripts we email over. Within a few minutes you will have our application installed on your business website and you will be interacting with your visitors and customers and solving their problems in real-time.

Website chat software

Website chat software

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