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Keep people on your site longer with our website chat tool

With our website chat tool you can keep people longer on your site and everybody knows that the longer they stay on your website the greater is the chance that they will buy from you. A good thing about installing a website chat tool is that the moment your visitors see the chat icon, they have a positive inclination towards your website. Your website suddenly seems friendly. Even if they don't have anything particular to talk about, just because they see a chat icon on your website, they click it and have a conversation with you and many such conversations turn into lucrative business opportunities. Even if they don't buy from you on that particular day, they remember you better and since they have a friendly disposition towards your website, in case they need to buy that particular product or service, they would rather buy it from you than from a website that does not have a website chat tool installed.

website chat tool

What difference does a website chat tool make?

When you have a website chat tool installed you send out a strong positive signal that you are there to help people. In case there is a problem, there won't be a vacuum on the website. An "online" status of your chat icon is a reassuring sign. At the subconscious level it makes people comfortable and makes them feel as if they are in a friendly company.

An survey has revealed that 63% people are more likely to come back to a website for more shopping if it has a live chat tool installed. 35% revealed that they made a purchase specifically because there was a live chat tool installed on the website. It's all about convenience. It's a big hurdle that most of the websites are unresponsive. It's a quiet affair. People come to the website, look for the product or service they want to purchase, if everything works out they purchase it, and then go their way. There is no emotional connection and emotional connections matter a lot when it comes to spending money. A website chat widget installed on your website helps you make emotional connections with people.

Drastically cut down your customer support expenses by installing a website chat tool

When you have installed a website chat widget it's like suddenly you have increased your customer support staff. This is because one person can handle multiple queries at the same time using a website chat tool, which is not possible if you use telephone or email to provide support to your customers. You can have multiple windows opened and through those windows you can chat with as many people as you can manage. A galling problem with providing customer support with telephone is that often you have to put many people on hold especially when you don't have many extensions and you don't have many people attending to your customer queries. The same goes with handling customer queries with emails. At one time you can respond to just one email query. With our live chat system, since you can open multiple chat windows and interact with multiple customers, it's like from one person you suddenly have 5 people attending to five customers.

You make more sales when you have a live chat system set up on your website

This is the most positive and obvious outcome of having a live chat system installed. You will suddenly see an increase in your sales. This will happen directly and indirectly. Many customers abandon your shopping cart because they cannot figure out how to make the payment. Many change their mind because they cannot find the relevant information on your website even if the information exists. In most of the cases, if there is an online chat software icon on your website, they will contact you to sort out the problem. Once they have initiated a chat conversation, then it's up to you how you handle them and turn their reluctance into eagerness.

While you are at it, you can also suggest them to purchase extra items on your website. What about an extra pair of trousers? What about that belt that would go well with the pair of trousers that someone has just purchased? What about the matching tie with a shirt someone has purchased? You will be amazed to realise the difference these small sales make to your business with the help of your online chat software. Register on our website and give it a shot now.

Website Chat Tool

website chat tool

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