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Website chat tool to automate your engagement strategy

A lot of your success depends on how much you can automate your engagement strategy and our website chat tool can play a major role in that. The biggest reason why people install website chat tool is so that they can proactively strike up conversations with the visitors and customers who visit their websites. But you cannot just randomly start chatting up people. For example, if you are getting hundreds of people to your website every day, it won’t be humanly possible for you to track each and every visitor, even if you hire multiple employees. Some sort of automation is needed. For example, wouldn’t it be great if a nicely designed chat invitation box greets your visitors as soon as they come to your website? You can either manually greet them or you can automate this task. It makes sense to automate the task because not everybody will be eager to talk to you the moment he or she comes to your website. You will get alerts only when people agree to talk to you.

In many instances, you wouldn’t like to greet people as soon as they come to your website because sometimes people feel annoyed. You would like to invite them for the chat either when they have spent at least a minute on your website or they have visited certain pages on the website. Although our web analytics tool allows you to monitor the movements of individual visitors, again, since it won’t be possible for you to monitor each and every moment, the task is best left to our automation feature within our live chat tool.

Website Chat Tool

How our website chat tool helps you optimise your engagement strategy

Do you know that 60% of people might be abandoning your shopping cart? This is the worldwide shopping cart abandonment rate. Most of the shopping cart abandonments happen because people get confused, or they develop doubts or suddenly they realise that the product they are buying is not what they are looking for, or they simply get distracted due to the various other pages they might be visiting at that time. Whatever is the reason, you would like to stop these people from abandoning your shopping cart. As you observe your web analytics data, you will realise that there are certain sections in your shopping cart that often prompt people to leave your shopping cart. These are the sections where you can set up automatic chat invitations. You can politely ask if people are facing some difficulty and if you can provide some help. Most will appreciate this. Alternatively you can ensure the live chat widget is available on the pages that visitors seem to struggle or bail out on the most, having a web live chat solution gives them the option to instantly get help and to stay on your site hopefully then completing their purchase.

Upsell and cross sell with our website chat tool

You can increase your sales manifold by upselling and cross selling with direct intervention through your website chat widget. This mostly happens when people click your live chat tool to seek your suggestion. Suppose they want to purchase a particular piece of software and you also have another software that will act as a complimentary application. You can suggest that the person should purchase that software application also. You can also suggest the person to purchase a totally unrelated piece of software that might be highly useful to your visitor.

The best part of using a real-time live chat widget is that you can create many offers on-the-fly. Suppose the visitor does not like the pricing of the product on your website. There is some scope for negotiation. You can offer a better pricing. You can offer a combination of products that might look like a good bargain to your visitor. This way you can sell even those products the person hadn’t initially intended to purchase.

You can download one of the best live chat tool applications immediately

Wondering how you can download our website chat tool and then install it on your website? Nothing could be easier. No spending is required on your part. You don’t need to dig out your credit card. You don’t need to fill up any survey. You don’t even have to subscribe to our newsletter. Just register yourself for free on our website, having completed the sign up you will be provided with a small code snippet that you will need to insert into your older website template file. You will be provided with the link to download the web live chat solution, as soon as it is installed and you log in, this will immediately activate our website chat tool on your site and the website chat widget will become visible.

Website Chat Tool

Website Chat Tool

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