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A website chat widget you have needed for long is finally available

Have you been waiting for the perfect website chat widget to make a positive impression upon your visitors as well as customers and clients? Good news is you have got it. We present to you a website chat widget that is a powerhouse of interaction because it gives you everything you need in order to have effective communication with your visitors and turn them into your paying customers and clients.

The value of a website chat widget can only be gauged by the meaningful features it packs and when it comes to features, you will be delighted to know that every feature contributes to your business growth. A good thing about our website chat widget is that it easily scales according to your specific needs. If you are a small business, there are many features you don't need and those features aren't present in our Lite version. You get the basic functions; they don't confine you and they prevent you from being inundated with needless capabilities. As a small business you are dealing with a small number of customers that can be easily handled with a smaller configuration.

Website chat widget

Get a website chat widget for your big business

The bigger the business the greater is the need to engage customers and clients. Besides, your competitors are constantly vying for your visitors. They want to take away your visitors and you want to keep your visitors on your website for as long as possible. This can be achieved when you add live chat to your website. It instantly makes your website interactive.

A big business may have multiple departments. You may also have multiple employees providing support at the same time. You may need elaborate reports regarding people buying from you. You cannot possibly remember every customer so you need details of your previous customers immediately popping in front of you the moment one of them contacts you via your web live chat solution. This is made possible by integrating the live chat software for websites with your existing legacy CRM system. Not just the CRM system, our chat solutions for websites can also be integrated with Google analytics, XML-based servers as well as your various social networking and social media accounts.

We have got an intelligent website chat widget for you

Our web live chat solution makes you more intelligent by providing you the right information at the right time. The moment someone goes to your website our web analytics tool tells you the person's geographic location. You can immediately see the list of pages the person has visited on your website and the amount of time he or she has spent on individual pages. If the person has already purchased from you previously, the existing details immediately become available to you. If the person has had chat conversations with you, the pre-existing chat transcripts are easily available to you within a single click. If a person found your website on a search engine our tool will let you know which keyword was used telling you precisely what the visitor is looking for.

Would you like to improve your customer support service? Our live chat software for websites can help you in this regard. After every chat interaction, your visitor or customer is provided with a survey form where the customer can leave feedback regarding the sort of interaction he or she has just had with one of your support staff. According to the feedback you can train your staff to provide better support service.

A web live chat solution you can get immediately

Would you like to try out our chat solutions for websites immediately? There is nothing stopping you. You don't need to purchase one of our packages. Although we are sure that once you start using it, you will have no qualms about switching over to the premium version but until that happens, you can use our trial version for 21 days. It's a full-fledged website chat widget that becomes visible on your website the moment you add live chat to your website. Once the script has been added, your visitors can use the website chat widget in real-time to interact with you and using the trial version itself you will able to boost your sales immediately.

Website chat widget

Website Chat Widget

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