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Monitor Christmas Sales with Online Chat Software Conversion Tracking

Monitor Christmas Sales with Online Chat Software Conversion Tracking

What you define as a conversion will differ depending on the nature of your business

The flexibility of the feature means you can tag any page on your website as a conversion. It may be a purchase confirmation page to a retail website, or a quotation request if you provide a service.

Just a few minutes to set up, the Toolbox Online Chat Software will start monitoring conversions as they occur, with live notifications. The detailed reporting suite allows you to run extensive reports on all aspects of your conversions from a productivity perspective. With this information you can easily see the factors that influence your site visitors to convert. Your chat and website operations can then be adjusted to ensure maximum optimisation. PPC or SEO campaigns can be monitored using the keyword conversion tracking, with feedback being used to adjust future operations.

Running a seasonal proactive promotion?

Monitoring its success is simple and allows you to see how many conversions it’s created. Similarly, when managing an advertising campaign, success can be monitored for return on investment analysis. Operator performance can be investigated with their own dedicated report. Discover your best individual performers, and identify training requirements.

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