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More Accurate Geo-Coding from UK Live Chat Software Provider

More Accurate Geo-Coding from UK Live Chat Software Provider

We’re dedicated to continually improving the Live Chat Software and Live Chat Tools functionality, and website activity is an extremely popular feature amongst our subscribers. Not only does it allow you to plot visitor location on a map, it’s a vital part of the marketing benefits provided by the Toolbox.

Location tracking works alongside other analytical information so you can truly understand your site visitors and make informed marketing decisions


Information such as how visitors reached your site, the pages they viewed and their overall visit duration allow you to identify trends and address them. For instance, is a particular keyword producing a higher conversion rate? Do visitors from different locations behave differently?

Your visitor’s location helps qualify leads and successfully segment visitors. For example, a business that only markets their products or services to the UK, could discount visitors from outside this region. This process allows you to streamline statistics and gain a true reflection of your return on investment.

Location tracking also enables you to monitor the uptake of your marketing efforts.


Branching out your digital advertising into a new country or region? 

You can monitor the uptake within the visitor activity reports, on a localised or worldwide scale.

Want to see which businesses are visiting your website? Well you can! Larger business names are available through the Visitor Management System.

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