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Looking for online chat software for website?

If you are looking for online chat software for your website Click4Assistance offers you the best in its league. It goes without saying that our online chat software is cutting-edge, but it's not the technology that defines the chat software that we provide you for your online communication, but its utility value. It's the way it enables you to engage your visitors when they visit your website and nurture them as qualified leads and even help them become your brand ambassadors.

Online Chat Software For Website

The greatest benefits of using our online chat software for website are:

  • You make more sales: It has been proven repeatedly that customers are 4 times more likely to do business with websites running chat software.
  • You improve your perception: 82% regular Internet users admit that they eagerly do business with websites where they see a business chat service running actively.
  • You can up-sell and cross-sell: Through constant engagement you properly understand what your customer needs and then you can suggest products and services that can be purchased additionally or as upgrades.
  • You can automate real-time engagement: There are particular points when people abandon your shopping cart. At these points you can set automatic triggers that alert you and prompt you to engage your visitors in conversations so that in case there is some doubt or problem, it can be resolved there and then and the person can proceed with the purchase. Even at that time if the person is not eager to make a purchase, he or she can be encouraged to subscribe to your updates or obtain some information from your side that later on can be used in order to make up his or her mind.

Online chat software for your website makes you work smarter not harder

There is a variety of tools and features available to you and your operators that can help you increase the efficiency of every interaction that you have with your visitor.

Some of these tools and features are:

  • Email chat transcripts: Immediately after completing a chat conversation with your visitor you can click a button that allows you to email the entire transcript to the person you have had the conversation with. Since whoever chats with you has to submit a valid email ID you already have the email to which the chat transcript needs to be sent by our business chat service.
  • You can create a list of pre-defined replies: These are also called canned responses. You can store an unlimited library of answers to frequently asked questions to resolve issues instantly. This also ensures consistency and accuracy. Scope for human error is removed when you create canned responses for standard questions using online chat software for website.
  • Transfer files and URLs on the go: Many of the documents, certificates and forms can be received from your visitors from within the chat window itself. There is no need to exchange extra email IDs or fax numbers. All major formats such as PDFs and Word documents can be exchanged using the chat interface. We use 256-bit encryption to make sure that the data being exchanged is completely secure. Similarly, if you have an accurate answer already published somewhere on your website (or for that matter even on another website like Wikipedia) you can just give the URL to the visitor. Similarly if the visitor needs to share some information he or she can easily do the same.
  • Observe user behaviour in real-time and respond accordingly: Using our online chat software for website you know what all sections the visitor has already checked. You know through which page he or she came to your website. You also know currently which page he or she is visiting. You also know the duration for which he or she was on a particular page along with the entire timestamp. You also know the geographic location of the person. In case the person came to your website via a search engine you know what keywords or key phrases he or she used before landing on your website. This way you know exactly what the person is looking for and what sort of product or service he or she intends to buy. Accordingly you can invite the visitor into chat.

Online Chat Software For Website

So what are you waiting for? Download and set up our business chat service on your website now.

Online Chat Software For Website

Online Chat Software For Website

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