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Advertise your Latest Offers with Online Chat Software Proactive Promotions

Advertise your Latest Offers with Online Chat Software Proactive Promotions

Proactive Promotions allow you to present an image in front of a site visitor informing them of discounts and offers or even prompting them to get involved with a social media campaign

By accepting the Proactive Promotion, your visitor will be automatically taken to the page you specify. Promotions can be sent based on different criteria including how long your visitor has been on your site, or when a particular page is viewed. For further in-depth targeting, the promotions can be sent based on the keywords used to find your site. Using the name of the products on sale, or ‘Sale’ itself, allows you to pinpoint an exact group of visitors. You can even run numerous Proactive Promotions together, based on different keywords, if you have multiple sales offers.

Tracking the success of the Promotions is simple, and can be done using our extensive reporting suite

The numbers sent and received can be examined daily if required. Assigning a Hotspot to your special offer page provides further information on their success. Using the Hotspot’s unique report, you’ll be able to monitor the number of views the pages have received, along with the average time spent on each.

As with all aspects of our Online Chat Software, the promotions are completely customisable, meaning you can use any image that fits within your website. Find out more info, call our friendly team on 0845 123 5871.

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