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Want to sell more used cars? Install live chat on your website today

Want to sell more used cars? Install live chat on your website today

Educate prospective used cars buyers about your latest offers with the help of live chat on your website

Greater London’s annual used car sales rose by 2.25% in 2014 compared to 2013, the greatest increase of any region. Sales went up by 2.09% in the North West and 2.06% in Scotland over the same period. East Anglia was the only region to experience a decline in sales, falling 5.24% compared to 2013. According to Motor Trader:

There was a time when people were wary of purchasing used cars but with car sellers like you making it easier to buy used cars, the increase in interested customers is natural. The cost of owning and operating a used car has been drastically brought down by offering dedicated services and warranty packages along with flexible financing. Of course the increase in the number of people purchasing used cars and vehicles is also an indication that the sellers have been able to supply the demand, however you could make even more sales if you can directly communicate with your visitors, which a live chat service on your website can really help to do.

The national dealer groups have understood that each region in the UK and in fact, each customer, has unique requirements when it comes to purchasing a used car. The key is being able to convince the user that yes, you have got what they are looking for and this can be done by using live chat on your website. When a person comes to your website looking for a suitable used car he or she may not find what they are looking for. This is where you can help. Maybe you have a vehicle that has not been listed on the website. Maybe you have something similar, or even better at the same cost. Maybe you can convince the prospective buyer by including accessories that were not originally available in the car model being sought. The point is that once you are able to engage your visitors in real-time using live chat, the sky is the limit when it comes to increasing your sales by proactively communicating your strongest points.

You can understand the needs of your used cars customers better by installing live chat on your website

The more you interact with your used cars customers, the better understanding you will get about what it is they are looking for. Our live chat tool comes with inbuilt web analytics features that give you a good grasp of how to engage your website visitors and turn them into your customers. Suppose someone comes to your website from a major search engine such as Google. The inbuilt web analytics feature will be able to tell you which keywords the person used that lead them to find your website and then click your link. The keyword itself tells you what the person is looking for and you can initiate a chat conversation accordingly. This will also convince the person that you understand his or her requirements and accordingly you can present the best possible solution within their budget.

You can help your prospective used car customers in two ways: either they can approach you for guidance using your chat button or you can prompt them with an invite. If they click the chat icon, you should be prepared with all the questions they may have. If you are tracking them, you should already have some background information regarding which website referred them to your website, which pages they have already visited on your website and how much time they have spent on individual pages, what is the current page they are on.

Install live chat on your website today and see your used cars sales soaring in front of your eyes from today

We totally understand, all you want to bother yourself with is selling as many used cars as possible and maximising your profit. This is why we have made installing live chat on your website extremely easy, with just a simple copy and paste exercise. In no time you will be answering your visitors' queries on your website using our live chat application.

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