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Chat On Your Website Supports University Deadlines

Chat On Your Website Supports University Deadlines

How UCAS Actually Works

UCAS offer students an opportunity for an interview, deciding afterwards if they want to offer them a place. The students will then reply to their offers and can also add extra choices, if they don’t receive an offer from their first choice.


Of course, the stress of increased workload for administrative teams is starting to be felt, and new students are bound to have enquiries, possibly regarding fees, lectures or accommodation. Students may feel reluctant to talk over the phone to ask questions. Using a live chat solution is much more relaxed than talking over the phone to someone, as it means the students can text and receive instant replies. Which in this day, they’re very used to.

International students may feel pressured talking over the phone due to any misunderstanding of language or accents. Using chat on your website means they can talk comfortably in their native tongue as the operator on the other end can rely on Google Translate. This gives them a chance to discuss any questions in preparation before starting. Talking in chat is also free, so no costly call charges to worry about!

The problem with sending and receiving emails can be volume. Only one can be answered at a time, some may end up undelivered or be sent to junk mail. The beauty of chat on your website is that everything is instant! Why send an email and wait a few days for a reply, when you can send a few questions in chat and receive a reply instantly? Talking in real time means enquiries will be answered more efficiently, and waiting for a reply over email won’t be necessary.

File Transfers Help When Online Documents Can’t Be Downloaded

students use chat on your website

In preparation before they start, students might want to look on the University webpage for any information about the local area or their specific area of study. Not all documents can be downloaded or saved, the file transfer feature on the live chat system allows operators to send over any required documents.

When they’ve selected their desired University course, students may want to talk directly to the lecturer of that subject. When calling, they may experience a long wait before being put through to the correct person. Chat on your website offers a routing system that directs the visitor straight to the person they require, questions will be answered much quicker and the student is spared the hold music on the telephone, or the wait for an email!

University of Liverpool Use Click4Assistance Chat On Your Website App

The University of Liverpool implemented Click4Assistance “Chat on your Website” application to enhance their students experience and to streamline resources. They decided to implement a chat button on their accommodation pages, just in time for the clearing period. The University has reported positive results regarding live chat and are hoping to extend it to other areas of the website.

Click4Assistance have also received great feedback from Barnet and Southgate College, with students saying:

Very up to date with technology. Very easy to use” and “I really appreciate the tool and I will strongly recommend it to others.” “Great addition, highly recommend it.”


Chat on your website is the best means for instant communication, allowing questions to be answered efficiently, minus the pressure of talking on the phone and also free and simple to use. If you would like to implement a live chat solution like the University Of Liverpool, contact us on 0845 123 5871 or if you’d prefer email,

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