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Tips and Tricks for Using Online Chat Software

Tips and Tricks for Using Online Chat Software

Online chat software puts the agents or representatives directly into the sales process and it’s vital they are trained sufficiently on products and services questions to be able to answer queries adequately.

So what can a live chat operator do that will influence prospective clients or what can a business do to better equip operators?

Customise the chat screen
The top online chat software is highly customisable so that it can mirror the look and feel of not only the website but the brand of the business.  Ensure that the chat box and the whole chat process mirrors your brand so as to project a professional and business-like image.

Being human
Online chat software works best when it feels like a human interaction.  Users might be sceptical as to whether they are talking to a real person when they chat online so make sure each live chat operator has his or her image displayed – making it professional but informal too and ensuring that there is a human feel to the process.  Live chat operators should also be trained to keep the chat professional but also being discursive and friendly to potential customers – just as a store sales person would be if you were shopping in the High Street.

Good product knowledge
Online chat software operators should exhibit a thorough understanding of the product range and be able to advise in an extensive way to all customer queries including technical queries if necessary.  If you don’t know the answer be sure to pass the query onto an operator who does – keeping the user in the loop and in a continuous process so as not to keep the customer waiting.  Having a good product or technical knowledge also means users will come back to the site if they have further queries.

Be reasonable
If you have special offers running or a product that is cheaper and fits a customer’s budget better, be sure to offer that information to the customer.  The customer will be thankful for you not trying just to sell the most expensive item available and will be more likely to become a good brand advocate for your business.

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