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Click4Assistance is the UKs leading live chat service provider. Our customer service chat can enable you to serve your visitors and customers before they have done business with you and long after they have done business with you. The inability to provide up to the mark customer service is one of the biggest problems businesses face all over the world and keep on losing customers despite having exceptional-quality products and services. Business chat service is one of the best ways to deal with such problems.

Customer Service Chat

Why installing customer service chat from the UKs leading live chat service provider might be the best decision you can make for your business

In a clichéd expression, installing a live chat customer service app is a paradigm shift. It changes the entire philosophy of doing business online. Before the customer service chat facility, websites used to be lonely places where in the name of interaction nothing much happened. People came, went through various sections of the website, understood what they could and ignored what they couldn't and finally, by their own judgement, they either left the website or bought the stuff. As a website owner, at the most you could add frills like interpreting the geographic location of the person by the IP address and changing the information being displayed accordingly. Or if a person was registered and logged in, a customised web page could be shown. Other than that, nothing much could happen to keep someone hooked to the website.

The customer service chat interface totally changes the way you do business. It's like standing in your own shop, retail store or office and greet people, and solve their problems in case they face problems. As you enter the shop, there is someone to greet you and ask you what you want. Are you annoyed by that? Certainly not. On the contrary, you feel welcomed.

How customer engagement becomes a meaningful experience using our business chat service

In order to have a truly engaging experience with our customer service chat 2 things are very important:

  • Timeliness
  • Awareness

The whole purpose of having business chat service installed on your website is defeated if you cannot respond in a timely manner. Timeliness is very important for meaningful customer service experience. You should be able to respond as soon as someone clicks the chat icon on your website. What if you're not available? A highly interactive contact form should be there so that the person wanting to contact you can leave his or her contact details without having to leave your website and log into his or her email account.

The other aspect of timeliness is, approaching your visitors at the right time with an offer to help. If your visitor is feeling stuck figuring out how to add items to the shopping cart and then finally make the payment, there are certain triggers on your website which will tell where your intervention is needed and you can use these triggers to set up automatic notifications so that the moment you should proactively approach your visitor, you can do that without losing much time.

Awareness comes from knowledge and information. The more you know about your visitor, the better position you are in the strike up meaningful conversations. The web analytics tool that comes with our live chat customer service application tells you where your visitor is from, whether he or she represents a company or not, from which website or search engine he or she has come to your website and if he or she has come via a search engine, which keyword or search term he or she used in order to be able to find your link. Once he or she is on your website, our web analytics tool tells you which pages he or she has already visited and currently on which page he or she is. It also tells you the amount of time he or she has spent on individual pages, giving you a fair idea of what he or she is looking for. By the time you start the chat conversation, you already have enough data on the person.

Start turning your visitors into customers and clients right now using our customer service chat application

Most of your visitors want to do business with you. There is either some communication gap or they cannot figure out exactly how to make the purchase. You can help your visitors do business with you right now by partnering with the UKs leading live chat service provider and installing our online chat service with great ease. No programming knowledge is required. You don't even need to hire a technical person. Simply register on, log into your account and run the setup file and once you are through with the setup, you are ready to positively engage your visitors using our online chat service and turn them into paying customers and clients.

Customer Service Chat

Customer Service Chat

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