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Uk Live Chat Software Provider - Introducing Secondary Chat Routing

Uk Live Chat Software Provider - Introducing Secondary Chat Routing

The CDS ensures your visitors receive assistance from the most qualified staff member, and this latest addition adds an extra dimension to your customer service

We’ve previously written about the advantages of using chat distribution in a multi-operator environment, and how users can be grouped by knowledge, skill, or department. Secondary chat routing, allows conversations to be redirected if the intended group is offline or unavailable.

Your London office may handle all incoming sales chats, with an additional support centre in Manchester. Secondary routing enables the primary office to handle incoming chats, with a backup available during busy periods. Operators can manually control their workload, knowing further chats will be redirected and not missed.

Reducing the number of missed chat opportunities during your operational hours is hugely beneficial; with the call-back form gathering further lead information after office hours. The flexibility of the Live Chat Toolbox means you can choose different secondary groups depending on how or where the chat was started, for example web page, chat button or proactive invitation.

Enabling the new feature is simple, and can be set up within your account. Navigate to: Account/Customisation/Workflows, edit the appropriate workflow, choose the group from the drop down selection and hit update.

Don’t forget to create the groups first!

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