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UK Multiple Sclerosis Charity Handle Enquiries via “Chat On Your Website”

UK Multiple Sclerosis Charity Handle Enquiries via “Chat On Your Website”


We put people affected by MS at the heart of our work. We provide high quality, professional services to support people living with multiple sclerosis, and we listen to people affected by MS.”

Why did they implement Click4Assistance?

The healthcare organisation approached Click4Assistance in September 2014, with a tailored requirement and released the software to the live environment shortly after, in December 2014.

Having compared Click4Assistance to a US provider, MS UK stated the selection was based primarily on the following reasons:

  • UK Provider

  • Offer value for money

  • High standard of customer service

  • The software is of high quality

Live Chat was implemented in order to engage with more people and make finding support easier.

Unique Requirements

Click4Assistance Live Chat for your website software can be downloaded onto multiple laptops or PC’s and with some MS UK advisors working from home, this meant there were no limitations on how or where the advisors were able to provide this vital service.

For those who might not want to download the solution on their personal devices the ability to simply log into the solution via the browser provided a further level of flexibility.

How did they do it?

Making the Solution their Own

In order to reassure people seeking advice through this channel that they were speaking to MS UK advisors, the organisation made full use of the fully customisable buttons and windows. The organisation customised the visitor interface ‘in house’ using their logo and colour scheme, ensuring every window presented to the visitor maintained the MS UK branding.


MS UK’s chat on your website button

Using ‘pop-up’ windows, the pre chat form presented when the visitor clicks on the chat button simply asks for a name, allowing the advisor to personalise the interaction without probing for further information.

When no advisors are available, the button automatically hides from view.

In line with their window customisation, MS UK also designed the email template used to deliver the chat transcript should the visitor request a copy.

MS UK’s chat on your website Prechat form


Configuring the Software

MS UK has built a library of predefined replies within the solution to enable advisors to quickly and easily respond to visitors frequently asked questions. Assigning shortcut keys to the responses means advisors can access the information directly from their keyboard.

You can read more about our predefined replies and how they work here.

Understanding the results

When the chat is finished, the advisor will categorise the interaction for reporting purposes and further insight into the type of help required. With a wide range of support offered, multiple categories within the ‘Reason for Chat’ are available for the advisor to select and they will also categorise on the outcome.

For more information about how MS UK has improved their customer service, contact our account managers on 0845 123 5871 or email us at

Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance. Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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