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Web Chat Software Benefits Insurance Industry

Web Chat Software Benefits Insurance Industry

General insurance – the sale of home, travel or car insurance – has seen this change quicker than other parts of the insurance industry.  However, that too is now catching up with online price comparison vehicles for commercial and business insurance now beginning to change the face of that side of the business.

The change in the way insurance is sold makes it a particularly challenging period for the traditional middle man – the insurance broker. 

However, what the insurance broker can offer clients remains invaluable – namely advice and a route through the insurance maze of complex products such as pensions and business insurance.

Businesses and individuals seeking insurance now turn to the internet for advice on products, often sourcing information and ideas on insurers prior to purchase.  For the insurance broker, who often works hard to source traffic to on their website, it’s vital that users can engage and make contact.  In the past this has been through the phone or via email.  However, insurance brokers are now turning to web chat software to enable instant engagement with their prospects to not only offer advice but to make sure that a potential lead isn’t lost to a competitor.

This is extremely important while the customer is in the fact finding period prior to purchase.

If they are able to engage with an intermediary offering good advice it’s highly likely that that advice will prompt a repeat visit or a sale.  It also gives the insurance broker the opportunity to gather the customer’s details to follow up offline.  In a highly competitive marketplace, the opportunity afforded by web chat software to gather leads directly from website is highly available.  Many businesses and individuals looking for advice on products are only too happy to engage where the advice is offered free of charge – and good advice invariably leads to a sale.

If you work within the insurance industry and are interested in seeing what web chat software could do for your business contact our sales team now.  Click here for further information.

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