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Web Chat Software Bolsters Car Dealers

Web Chat Software Bolsters Car Dealers

In the last 2 years, car sales have shifted online significantly with websites like Autotrader growing strongly amongst younger people. 

In a highly competitive marketplace, dealerships have been left with a problem.  The growth of the online face of car sales has meant a disconnect with traditional face-to-face sales support and hand holding.  Online chat software is now beginning to fill that void.

Whereas, the car sales person would show the visitor brochures and suggest other models, the internet browser is often shopping with a fixed budget and has pre-selected certain criteria with for potential purchases.  Web chat software for car dealerships can provide just the support that the customer may need.  Effectively sitting your customer at a virtual desk, you have the opportunity to greet them, show them online brochures and special offers in much the same way as visitors to the high street dealership were treated.

The online sales assistant also has a greater insight into the customer than the visitor to the high street showroom  

You know what criteria they have pre-selected and what cars they have browsed giving you the opportunity to find the perfect vehicle for them at the right price.  Online chat software has the ability to redirect their browsers to the vehicles you think will interest them as well as sending them files such as brochures and pictures.

Online users are just as keen to complete the deal online.  This is where the web chat software can help again.  You have the ability to discuss finance and send and submit the forms via the software making the whole process as seamless as possible.

Car dealerships are just one of many industries and sectors beginning to realise the untapped potential of online chat software.  Younger browsers find its usage second nature and are far less likely to seek out a visit in person or use the phone.  If you’d like to discuss adding web chat software for your car dealership, contact Click4Assistance online today.  Click here for further information.

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