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Web Design tips to Increase your Conversions

Web Design tips to Increase your Conversions

Have you taken a step back and tried to purchase something on your site? How easy was it? Were you given all of the information you needed?

Statistics show that 85% of visitors with unanswered questions on products or services are likely to try another site for information. Here are some tips that show how improving your design can keep visitors on your site and turn them into customers!

Be Easy to Navigate

When your visitors are browsing for products on your website, how easy are they to find? Having a clear navigation bar consistent across all pages makes it simple to reach the category and individual product. You should include a search bar on your site, and ensure it’s easily accessible; that means above the fold, and easy to spot when landing on your web page. Simple, clear site navigation prevents frustration, and stops visitors looking elsewhere for product information.

Be Mobile Ready

The introduction of smart phones and tablets has made browsing and purchasing online easier than ever before. In fact, stats show that 28% of people in the UK have purchased something using their phone. But is your site mobile friendly enough to take advantage? Your desktop website may not display well on a small screen. Having a dedicated mobile site, allows you to tone down the information and menus, presenting a simpler browsing experience that fits their screen. With mobile browsing expected to overtake desktop by next year, you could be missing out on a lot of sales.

Be Upfront and Honest

Nobody likes to feel they can’t access the right, or were given the wrong information. If products are out of stock, make sure potential customers are told early, don’t make them start the checkout process to find out at the last minute. Try providing a similar suggested product that they may find interesting as an alternative. Keep your product pages simple and informative, with a good overview and key information clearly visible for those undertaking a quick scan or comparison. Providing good information on your products or services builds trust with visitors and ensures they have everything needed to complete the purchase.

Displaying contact information such as phone numbers or a Web chat software, reassures visitors that you can be reached if necessary. Web Chat Software, provides the option to answer a question quickly, removing the purchase objections. Find out more about Web Chat Software for your business website; we have a variety of information available including white papers online videos and brochures.

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