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Web Chat Software Could Transform Local Council Communications

Web Chat Software Could Transform Local Council Communications

Making contact with Government departments and councils has traditionally been notoriously difficult with a slower than usual adoption of digital technologies and communication tools. One specific type of service area, local councils, are now beginning to take note of the rise in popularity of web chat software – because of the convenient and efficient way it can handle communication with users.

Making contact with local councils has ordinarily been by phone, with frustrating queues to get a call answered and a multitude of numbers to press prior to finding the right department. 

Even then, a shortage of call handlers can lead to lengthy wait times  

Local councils have many departments and deal with a huge number of queries and calls to each – housing, environment, roads, waste, council tax to name just a few.

The complexity of council websites, and the huge number of departments, means that live chat software could solve a big problem for web visitors by directing customers to the right department and representative.  Many visitors struggle to find the right department online and resort to the telephone leaving them more frustrated with call wait times.  Web chat software is simple to use for visitors, free and can instantly direct them straight to the right area of the site or online contact for information.

Because web chat software is also proactive giving the online representatives the ability to reach out to users who appear confused or who may be struggling with web navigation, it means that users can be directly offered help or guidance to the right online form to complete.  This really benefits some of the more vulnerable visitors to council websites and gives a much better and helpful service for the local council.

Live chat software is an excellent tool for solving queries for council website visitors via a 1-2-1 chat window but with the right online assistance it can also guide them to self-serve much better where this is required.

If you’d like to find out how web chat software could benefit your council customer service, contact Click4Assistance, a UK based live chat software provider since 2004.  Click here for further information.

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