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What is Online Chat Software Chat Routing?

What is Online Chat Software Chat Routing?

With the release of the ‘Toolbox’, Click4Assistance has introduced an advanced Chat Distribution System. The CDS ensures your customers get the level of service you want to provide, whatever your type of organisation.

Group your operators in a way that suits your business, by department, location, skills or knowledge

Target these groups using one of the following methods. Use specific buttons on appropriate web pages, for example technical areas can route chats directly to your support team. The CDS then ensures the visitor gets to the most appropriate member of your team. Once your visitor has their answer and they are ready to purchase, no problem, they can be easily transferred to an agent within the sales group.

If you have satellite websites or international call centres, the Toolbox flexibility will cater for this. Use the Chat Distribution to direct chats from your Italian website to an operator fluent in the appropriate language. For more generic web pages, allow the visitor to select the enquiry type using a drop down box displaying the available departments.

A combination of these methods can be used across your pages and website. For more information speak to our friendly team on 0845 123 5871.

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