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Whatever your Industry, web chat software can work for you

Whatever your Industry, web chat software can work for you

The Toolbox web chat software has been designed to work regardless of business size and structure

For companies with offices worldwide, call centre compatibility allows chats to be routed to the relevant department in your organisation. Accessing the solution is easy, by downloading the software onto many computers you can log in anywhere from your office or home.

Click4Assistance web chat software is proven to increase your sales, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition. Statistics have shown that customers are four times more likely to purchase after engaging in a chat. Proactive chat invitations considerably reduce shopping cart abandonments by assisting visitors when an issue occurs, for example when a payment fails.


During a chat, you can even navigate your visitor’s web browser to the check out page to assist with completion of their transaction

It’s not always about sales, and Click4Assistance helps you provide effective customer support. Live Chat significantly improves response times and offers customers a direct line of instant communication. Unlike emails or phone calls, your staff can handle multiple chats at once, increasing productivity and reducing demand on your resources.

Text based communication, means complex or technical enquires are clear, and easier to follow compared to a phone conversation. Answers given by your staff can be presented simply, without being misunderstood by customers. Standardised pre-defined replies ensure technical information is always accurate. The visitor can even request a copy of the conversation, for review at a later date.

Here are some examples of industries currently enjoying the benefits the Toolbox has to offer.

  • Travel
  • I.T Services and Retail
  • Legal Advice
  • Home Improvements
  • Automotive Retail
  • Estate Agents

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