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Is Your Business Successfully Making Conversions?
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24 November 2016

Gemma Baker


Is Your Business Successfully Making Conversions?

What’s a Conversion?

Conversions are an action you want your website visitors to take, that are later measured and optimised. If you’re a car dealer, a conversion for you may be someone booking a test drive. Perhaps you’re an online retailer? A visitor signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase could be defined as a conversion.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a systematic approach to website improvements, insights, analytics and feedback. It defines the objectives of your website traffic. It’s more about how you can encourage visitors to respond to your call to action, rather than how many visitors you can attract to your website. CRO focuses mainly on UX (user experience) to boost conversion rates.

Here are 7 key benefits to CRO from an article on WebpageFX

  • Decisions are made based on data

  • You’ll receive better results

  • More money will be made over time

  • Outrank your competition

  • CRO lets you test everything securely

  • More risks will be taken

  • You’ll learn more about your visitors

How Do You Know if You’re Optimising Enough?

The total conversion is the number of visitors who have undertaken a necessary action; signed up for a newsletter, made a purchase etc. But what lead them to the point where they converted? How long have they spent looking at a specific page? Click4Assistance Live Chat software allows you to identify these points in much more detail.

Increasing Conversion Rates with Click4Assistance Live Chat Box for Website

A chat button on the website already gives visitors an alternate channel for instant engagement with businesses, as opposed to contact via telephone or email. Want to know further information about a certain discount? Click the button to chat!

Click4Assistance live chat box for website tool has the ability to help support a variety of enquiries from any business point of view. For instance:

  • Online Retailers

  • Charitable organisations

  • Software support

  • After sales care

How Did they Get Here?

Tracking the Visitors

That’s right, you can even identify your visitors’ activity just by adding a small piece of HTML on a confirmation page. Representatives will be notified in real time when a visitor converts.

Website visitors don’t just appear, they have to do something to stumble across your website. Conversion reports tell you exactly what you need to know about:

  • Which keywords were used to find the website

  • If a chat occurred and if so, the operator that’s credited once the conversion has been made.

These reports can also be used by analysts to work out ROI and to identify the visitor and their journey around the website.

What’s in it for the Operators?

A business who hires employees on a commission basis can see which user has assisted the conversion, useful for when working out how much commissions are owed.

chat box for website conversion notification

This is also a benefit when looking at the performance of users who’ve converted the most, compared to the ones who’ve converted the least. Employers could use this technique as a motivation practice for chat operators. Who can “score” the most conversions?

Score a Successful Conversion through Click4Assistance Live Chat software

Businesses can use proactive promotions as a way of assisting a conversion. For example, the visitor can be presented with a promotional image reading ‘SPECIAL OFFER! CLICK HERE’. When accepted they’re automatically taken to a page where a conversion can occur.

Or proactive invitations to chat can be displayed. If the visitor accepts, the operator can then advise to assist with the conversion process.

Converting within Emails

Email campaigns are another efficient way of driving visitors back to the website, where further conversions can be made.

Links can be included within the content that directs visitors back to areas of the website. Why not include a link straight into chat directly from the email? This way, visitors won’t be distracted by other elements of the page. Chat operators can then employ sales techniques to encourage visitors to convert during chat.

Turn Conversions into Customers

Below are a couple of alternative ways to convert.

A/B Testing

For example, a business may have two pages, and if they couldn’t decide which works better, they can run an A/B test. A/B testing software drives 50% of traffic to both pages that have a call to action. The number of actions taken is calculated once finished, and the page with the most action is the one proven to work better.

Set up a Sales Funnel

Asking for the sale straight away can be an instant conversion killer. Businesses who offer demos or free trials without obligation to buy, may notice an improvement in conversions. A sales funnel should be structured to define what the visitor wants, what the business wants and how to do it.

Remove Distractions

If there’s something on the webpage that could divert the visitor away from making a conversion, it might be worth looking to remove it. Placing it somewhere away from the hotspot ensures conversions aren’t interrupted.

Why not see how Click4Assistance Live Chat solution can increase your CRO strategies? Contact us on 0845 123 5871 or drop us an email at Alternatively, start a chat with us here.

Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance. Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.


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